Disagreeing with Homophobia

I get what you are saying. However, I feel it’s episode’s right to silence users and the community’s responsibility to report comments that are off topic or go against guidelines.

I think it was right to flag some posts (not all of them!), due to them being directed users rather than having a general discussion about LGBT+ stories. I am very against homophobia, and agreed with many of the users comments, I think the thread you are referring you became heated and had comments shaming certain users for homophobia which wasn’t what the topic was about and shouldn’t be on the forum.

I do agree that homophobia should be called out in the forum, just not a whole thread being continued for days. :wink: You’re right that users shouldn’t be flagged for disagreeing with homophobia, no one should, but I think directed arguments should be.

I agree. I’ve seen this happen a lot the last few days. I get that those threads tends to trail of and go off-topic, and that that is against the guidelines. What I don’t understand is why it’s okay to express homophobic opinions in a post, but it’s not okay to call it out. Like, why is my sexuality even up for discussion in the first place?
Who I choose to go to bed with isn’t up for debate, and I don’t think I deserve to be flagged for stating that. :roll_eyes:


I think you summed my thoughts up better than I could :wink:

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I get what you’re saying, though! I agree that some of the posts that were flagged were directed negatively towards the OP, which is against the guidelines. But at the same time OP’s post itself was homophobic and shouldn’t have been allowed to stay up for as long as it did.


You’re right, I should of mentioned that in my post. It was the users opinion but at the same time it was homophobic and shouldn’t have been post at all.

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I disagree.

Care to elaborate on that?


As @IdaWrites says, it would be nice to have some expansion on your point.

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No I’m not going to say anything else about because this is a very controversial topic.

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I understand. I don’t exactly know what you mean, but of course it’s up to you whether you want to reply. :heart:

I don’t want to because it’s very controversial.

Okay then.

Not to start anything, but we already know you don’t support the LGBT community. You made that very clear on a different thread. So why come in here, comment something super vague, and then not elaborate because it’s “controversial”? You had no problems doing this on another thread, why is this one any different? If you don’t want to elaborate, then don’t comment, especially when we already know you “disagree” and think LGBT people should “come to the truth”.

In my opinion, that’s not even “controversial”, that’s just straight up hate and intolerance, and you should keep it to yourself because words like that do a lot of harm and can even kill.

Again, you’ve made it very clear how you feel about a group of human beings. We get it. Why do you feel the need to make it known that you don’t support the LGBT community… on a pro LGBT post?


I hope we will one day be viewed by all as human beings rather than “controversial” social issues attached to a body :thinking:

Luckily the majority of Episode users are wonderful allies :heart:


Like I said, I’m not trying to start an argument. I meant what I said, too.

And I’m sorry, but when you start throwing around blatantly homophobic remarks, it becomes more than just talking on a website. There are real, living, breathing people that will read what you said about them, and it will hurt just as badly as it would if it were said in real life. That’s why I would advise that you keep your intolerance to yourself, especially on posts that are explicitly pro LGBT. This is a space for them and those that support them. If you really oppose it as much as you apparently do, keep out, especially if all you’re going to do is make it known that you find their existence wrong and “controversial”.

It’s a free country, sure, but that doesn’t give you the right to be a bigot.



I’m not saying that those human beings are controversial… no. I just meant that the topic on LGBT is controversial because many people have different beliefs about this topic. That’s why I called it controversial. I don’t hate these people in any way. This is not hate speech towards them or anything.

There are many things about America that I am not proud of (assuming the free country you’re referring to is the United States), but there’s one thing for sure: It is a free country, meaning I am free to exercise my right to love whoever I want, of any gender I prefer, without others attacking my personal choices through discrimination, intolerance, and bigotry. Thank you for reiterating that we all have the fundamental right to identify and express our sexualities as we see fit!


The problem is that people who are homophobic are in the same category as people who are racist.
They are prejudiced against people who are something they had no say in.
Gay people don’t “chose” to be gay, just like straight people don’t “chose” to be straight.
I sure did not “chose” to be straight. Before puberty, if someone had told me I could chose to be with the same or opposite sex, I sure as hell would have chosen the same. All my friends were the same sex. Once puberty hit, I started feeling attraction to the opposite sex. It’s something I didn’t want to happen, but I couldn’t stop it.
Now I am more than comfortable with it and am not attracted to the same sex whatsoever. It’s certainly not what I would have chose, it’s just what happened.
It’s no difference than being prejudiced against someone because of their ethinticity or colour. It’s something they can’t help and have no say in. I didn’t want to be straight as a child, but I had no control in stopping who I was attracted to. I like being straight, but if it went the other way, I’m sure I’d be happy being gay. Sure, I’ve changed and have lots of opposite and same sex friends. It’s just how we change.
At first I tried to “fight” being attracted to the opposite sex and tried to stop having sexual thoughts. I realised it was impossible. Asking someone to stop being gay is like asking someone to be asexual. It’s something they have no control over.
Sadly, I knew a boy who was gay and hated it. He tried his best to be attracted to women, but he couldn’t. It was like asking a straight woman to be sexually attracted to other women. There is no way he “chose” this because he was doing everything he could to make it “go away.” So, don’t tell me gay people make a “choice.”

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