Disagreeing with Homophobia

There are many things about America that I am not proud of (assuming the free country you’re referring to is the United States), but there’s one thing for sure: It is a free country, meaning I am free to exercise my right to love whoever I want, of any gender I prefer, without others attacking my personal choices through discrimination, intolerance, and bigotry. Thank you for reiterating that we all have the fundamental right to identify and express our sexualities as we see fit!


The problem is that people who are homophobic are in the same category as people who are racist.
They are prejudiced against people who are something they had no say in.
Gay people don’t “chose” to be gay, just like straight people don’t “chose” to be straight.
I sure did not “chose” to be straight. Before puberty, if someone had told me I could chose to be with the same or opposite sex, I sure as hell would have chosen the same. All my friends were the same sex. Once puberty hit, I started feeling attraction to the opposite sex. It’s something I didn’t want to happen, but I couldn’t stop it.
Now I am more than comfortable with it and am not attracted to the same sex whatsoever. It’s certainly not what I would have chose, it’s just what happened.
It’s no difference than being prejudiced against someone because of their ethinticity or colour. It’s something they can’t help and have no say in. I didn’t want to be straight as a child, but I had no control in stopping who I was attracted to. I like being straight, but if it went the other way, I’m sure I’d be happy being gay. Sure, I’ve changed and have lots of opposite and same sex friends. It’s just how we change.
At first I tried to “fight” being attracted to the opposite sex and tried to stop having sexual thoughts. I realised it was impossible. Asking someone to stop being gay is like asking someone to be asexual. It’s something they have no control over.
Sadly, I knew a boy who was gay and hated it. He tried his best to be attracted to women, but he couldn’t. It was like asking a straight woman to be sexually attracted to other women. There is no way he “chose” this because he was doing everything he could to make it “go away.” So, don’t tell me gay people make a “choice.”

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Okay I understand what you mean.

That’s good.
I have gay friends. I would have no interest it watching them get deeply intimate. Does that make me homophobic? Hell no. If sure they’d feel uncomfortable about watching straight people get seriously intimate. Just because I don’t feel comfortable with watching stuff like that, doesn’t mean I want to take away their rights to do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want my rights to do it taken away from doing it.
Homophobes complain about romantic LGBT scenes on tv. Please spare a thought for all those gay people who are forced to watch heterosexual sex scenes in most mainstream movies. I’m sure it makes them feel uncomfortable too. But I don’t see them starting a movement to ban it.
I can watch the other sex kissing and dancing, but further than that is a bit too much for me, just like it would be for a gay person watching me with my spouse. But if it bothers you, turn away, don’t try to stop it. Just feel like it would be if they did the same to you

This isn’t a matter of belief. Whether or not to eat pork is a matter of belief. This is the existence of a group of human beings, that’s not something you can agree or disagree with. They’re there whether you like it or not. And no, they are not sinners. What is their sin? Existing ?


Some Christians believe that if it wasn’t written in the bible it means it’s a sin.

I’m a strong Christian and while I’m not part of the LGBT+ community, I don’t have anything against them. As long as they are happy, It shouldn’t matter who you love :slight_smile:

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