Disappearing Characters


Whenever I try to create a story, when I close it and open it again or add a new episode to it the characters disappear from my characters inventory, and also when I reopen an episode, I can only do something one time before It freezes or the characters disappear from the scene. PLEASE HELP.

I can’t see my characters on the mobile creator

Same thing is happening with me, you might want to try uninstalling then reinstalling the episode app.


That started to happen to me so I switched to the portal and using the portal is so much easier


Hey there @trashypug, this is Sydney the Moderator! Welcome to the forums. :smiley:

I’ve moved this topic to Mobile Creator Bug since this seems to be an issue with the mobile creator. If you’ve tried the suggestions listed above and neither of them worked, I’d suggest you submit a help ticket to the support team; they’d be happy to help! :wink:


Same thing here. My characters disappear from the screen once I select them and the automatic character that are already there don’t appear?


Me to help I can’t create any stories