Disappearing props

Hi I noticed that when you give props to characters and than have to pan between zones the props tend to disappear. Can we fix it?


Hey there @Anja, you may need to submit a help ticket about this issue! :smiley:

Thank you :smiley:

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the glitch is still there and it’s bullying me

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are you using the portal or the app

Yeah I know. They seem to have the problem, but I reported it and they are looking into it. So hopefully it gets resolved

both, it disappears on both and then re-appears when I have my characters stop reading

Can’t you just add props after the pan happens as well as before

No. The error is that the props disappear, it doesn’t have anything to do with a pan. There’s no pan or zoom at all in my story and the prop still disappears. It also works perfectly fine with other props, it’s just that book prop and a few of other ones that don’t work. I’m actually pretty sure the magical book is the only one it doesn’t glitch with
And even if you add it again it’s only there for 1.7 seconds before is disappears again.

There is no way to code it on our end to make it work. It’s a glitch that they need to fix, and they said they are working on it :smiley: