Discontinuing And Then The Knives Are Out

I am saddened to say that I am discontinuing my murder mystery, And Then The Knives Are Out…

I don’t want to cause harsh judgements on how it is based around the movie, Knives Out (which it wasn’t gonna be). I will, however, make another Episode story very soon. So, stay tuned!



Did you get unisprired?

Well, yes and no. People kept comparing it to the movie, Knives Out, so I didn’t want to cause any… backlash, I think the word is… But I am making a horror/thriller story atm that I wrote a long time ago lol


I love a great horror, good luck!



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No problem!

Do you know how many times I, as an author, have been asked if a story was based off of, inspired by, or copied from X story/movie/TV show based off the title (or one thing in the story). As long as the story ISN’T based off the movie, and you know that, who cares what others think? Don’t let one or two individuals steal your thunder.
I have had several people ask/accuse me if my story “Speak” is based off a published book (turned movie). Prior to the first one asking, I had never even heard of the story. A title using common words cannot be copyrighted. Of course those who actually read my story (and the published novel/movie) will tell you they have nothing in common other than the title. As time goes, I get asked if my story was based off DIFFERENT stories, which with each different story added, just further solidifies that my story ISN’T based off any of them. People have asked if my story “The Wall” is based off Game of Thrones because… it has a wall? Add that to Handmaid’s Tale, Hunger Games, Divergent, Lord of the Rings, and the list goes on…
I’m not meaning to ramble, but what I’m trying to say, is as long as the story ISN’T a copy… then you shouldn’t let the negativity of others make you stop writing.


Thanks for that kind and awesome reply… I haven’t has this kind of thing before so I didn’t know how to handle it… Tbh, it wasn’t based on the movie, Knives Out, but it was inspired by it. Some people don’t give authors a chance to explain it, just argue over it…