Discord in Appreciation of Good Episode Writing and Art

If you’ve seen me around, you’ll probably be aware of the fact that I’m pretty opinionated when it comes to writing on Episode and the responsibilities of a writer or artist. I feel the need to say that when I mean “Good”, I have a very particular view of that. That doesn’t mean your work is bad! :slight_smile:

However, @ChaoticDeluge and I are setting up a discord for people who’d like some instant grammar help, like to chat with like-minded individuals about the importance of the arts and also just chat and make friends. I would love it if you joined!

The 1-day link is:


As well as grammar help, this Discord will be an instant place for news and art requests. I’m sure @ChaoticDeluge would be more than happy to give some basic feedback on how to improve your art, too!

The most important thing about this Discord server is that it’s a place for feedback and critique. It is purely a place to discuss good work and how to improve. That means we will be discussing the good and bad points of a range of different stories, so bear that in mind when you’re joining!


This is awesome, if I decide to ever get off my lazy ass and start writing a story, I will be the first in line. :smile:

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Here’s an invite if you’d like, it’s still pretty empty at the moment so it’s not the busiest at the moment :smiley:

But if you have any questions, fire away!


I’ll even help with homework queries xD

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About grammar of course :joy:

Bump :slightly_smiling_face:

New code!

It’s growing but still pretty quiet! Here’s the new link!

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New link!

New link again

Link has expired, got a current one?

Of course! Here you go!

Exactly what I was looking for, is it still active?


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