Discourse Text Formatting How-to!


click on their little profile picture, then if you’re on a mobile device then there will be a message button in the middle, but if you’re not, then it’ll be in the top right corner.


thank you for the information!


Wait, how do you make those big bold words? Not just this,
but this.
I didn’t write this, I just screenshotted it.


I once did it by accidentally putting “=” at the end of a post, but I tried to do it again a day later and I couldn’t get it to work… So I just know it’s something to do with the equal sign, but not sure what


i found it.


i found it.


What’s your secret???





# example



i dont get any of it


I don’t know the answer, but I do know it’s probably not getting answered because this is in the forum tutorials section. If you want to ask about choices on mobile you should probably go to Directing Help and Tips category


Make a post?

Wow, click on the arrow to the left

Thank you for finding this super cool feature!


Hehe, I already solved that problem 27 days ago :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… but thanks.


Haha I got that part, what I’m saying is I’m thanking you for finding the feature😂


Oh, okay :slight_smile:


How do you center text and images?





To center text you can use:

<div align=“center”> TEXT </div>

It also works to move text to the right:

<div align=“right”> TEXT </div>