Discourse Text Formatting How-to!


How do you insert the donocode for allowing someone to choose their name?


This was really helpful.


Thanks for making this thread! This really helps.


Really helpful! Thank you!

But is there a way to have spaces without turning it to preformatted text? And I wish we could have spoilers in About Me section :confused:




I understand



You do it like this:
insert equals to sign here




Hey! I have a question. How can I create my own tags? I can search tags and add them, but can’t create my own. Also, how do you make like a drop down or tag multiple people together? Thanks!


hello i’m still new to episode forums and the only thing i know how to do is reply i can’t post topics help? or do i need the forums app?


That happened to me too. Once you become a basic user, you can post topics


ty lol after like 40mins i FINALLY figured it out:joy:


Hi Brooke have you found or inquired about a buddy if you need one? I’m fairly new…


How do you create different font sizes? I’ve seen people write threads and their fonts are at separate sizes.


you mean like this?


Like this? @abygail.bauman




for the big text all you need to do is this:

Type: ( <BIG,> text


Dont add the brackets, and that comma, that was just to help me. So try it out.


Add (<) then BIG then (>)