DISCOVERY: Unused Episode backgrounds


I’ve discovered some of unused Episode’s backgrounds (and few overlays) thanks to the current available ones.

Many of currently available backgrounds had either “older version” (meaning they are different to the current original usable one) or art sketches that were used to develop a new background. There were also quite few backgrounds that actually have “older version”, but were deleted/removed at some point or they didn’t have any changes done to older versions, so not all of them were included.

I made a Google Drive for all of them to be shared with the community. There are many interesting backgrounds that have been left behind the scenes. I managed to find over more than 200+ backgrounds.

P.S. There are no comparisons made (might make few in future), but you can also check the Episode backgrounds category for doing it by yourself.

Some backgrounds are actually used in certain stories, but are not public or either use different background name. Click HERE!


we arent allowed to use those.