Discussing music <3

I’ve noticed this about a lot of songs that the lyrics are mostly sad and it’s well…sad

Obviously the song writer is going through something and it’s hard for them to write a happy song nowadays

So this is why i made this thread

I’ve been struggling to find happy songs because when i listen to music i normally listen to the beat and nod my head and tap my feet ect… but sometimes i listen to the lyrics and jheez it hits me hard

So this thread is for the happy songs and the songs you listen to that just put a smile on your face…

I’ll put a few

Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
It’s my life - Bon Jovi
Lions inside - Valley of Wolves
Still feel - Half.Alive
50 ways to leave your lover - Paul Simon (It starts off slow but trust me :joy:)
Hit the road jack - Ray Charles
The safety dance - Men without hats
Be lucky - the temperance movement
Probably like every queen song ever

As you can see there’s not a lot because a lot of songs i listen to have very deep hidden meanings :man_shrugging:


Hello Kitty- Avril Lavigne
One,Two Step- Ciara
Reflection- fifth harmony
The best of both worlds- Hannah Montana
ComeMyWay- JSPH
Preety Girl Rock- Keri Hilson
Hey Look Ma, I Made It- Panic at the disco
Shake it up- Selena Gomez
Like a Champion- Selena Gomez
772 Love- YNW Melly

Yeah I have a lot more songs but they’re all a lot of love songs or sad love songs :rofl: I’m Obssesed with love songs. These are the main ones Ik that are happy ones.

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