Discussion: A Little More Me

(I hope this is in the right section and If I’m even the right person to create it.)

Opinions on episode’s latest story, A Little More Me?

Did you like/hate it? Why?

My opinion:

My god this is chronic. A makeover story really?? It may be the most predictable episode story yet: the pushover unpopular mc, the bad boy, the mean girls mocking the mc’s outfit, the fact the mc fainted due to the bad boy twice during the first episode, as if there was any other possibility other than the mc getting tutored by the bad boy as soon as she mentioned she was struggling with math.

What happened to the stories we played trailers for such as magic love?


Oh my God, thank you for creating this thread! I really wanted to talk about it but I was afraid so I couldn’t create a thread. :bowing_woman:t2:

It is very predictable. This is a very old story, it was in INK, got recreated in Limelight, now it’s a Limelight featured story.

This is the third time I’m reading it… Why did the author and Episode think it was a good idea to publish a story for the third time? D: I’m only reading it because I love the name Jace lol.

I was expecting the directing to be different, it’s still basic directing. I understand INK being basic, but Sandra has been an author for a long time now, at least she could use some spot directing… (I’m only on episode 1, I’m waiting for passes to refill, so I don’t know if she used some advanced directing in 2-3)

It’ll be featured though, these kind of stories are always read by the audience. I know, it’s a nightmare, but what can you do :woman_shrugging:t2:


It’s literally The Transformation with gem choices :roll_eyes:. It wasn’t even good the first two times. Why write it a third?


Okay so there’s a new story and there are some things that I don’t like or I don’t agree with. Let’s get this over with.

  1. Wow! Surprise! The love interest is a white boy with darker skin than the MC, why am I not surprised?? because it’s almost always like this

  1. Where the full lips at?

  1. A white queen bee and her token black friend! Wow, this is familiar. Don’t you think?

  1. Another token black friend! Disappointed but not surprised. Oh and she reminds me of Camille from My First Everything. Guys I’m literally trying my hardest not to laugh

That’s it for now, oh wait hold up!

So I’ve seen they keep releasing “new” stories with new hairstyles and they’ve been teasing us with them so we wait til they release em. Oh and another thing! All of them are straight/wavy. What happened to the diversity standards, @ForumAdmin, @Liz??? It’s been almost two years and we still don’t have protective hairstyles. What’s up with that huh? Is this some kind of joke or are y’all just being hypocrites? Cause that’s what it looks like. Or maybe you’re just fooling around. And barista clothes? For real? We been begging for more important stuff.
Oh and one last thing, y’all need more black main characters when it comes to episode stories, not the token black friend or the token black gay best friend.

Stay on topic.

I’ll probably come back later to rant more or if I find things that I don’t like about that new story then I guess I’ll edit this post! Bye y’all! Happy holidays

Edit: I don’t know why @Sydney_H moved my topic to your comment section and I hope it gets fixed lol


I noticed this too! The directing in stories like Love Life blew me away but this story seemed quite relaxed in terms of directing. I’ve only just started episode 2 so I can’t give my opinion for the whole story, but tbh I can’t see myself reading past it.


Yeah… After Envy, Positively Princess, Love Life, The K*ss List, it did surprise me.


I can’t really speak for protective hairstyles because I don’t know enough about them, but based on the the first episode I can see there wasn’t a lot of diversity with the hairstyles. I fully support this, everyone should have customisation options that they want/suit them especially in featured stories since they aren’t available in the portal.

I was waiting for the token black best friend to turn up. It’s a ‘must have’ on every featured story. Episode needs to up it’s representation rather than including it as an add-on.


People have been saying Jace might be Hispanic, but Hamilton is NOT a Hispanic name


Yeah, there are literally three new wavy/faux curl hairstyles I can’t even tell apart. As someone with naturally curly hair, it is a little grating. I don’t mind those hairstyles. They’re meh, whatever. But a wider diversity of other hair types would be nice.

As for this story, I’m mainly playing it for gems. It took me a second to realize I’d played the INK version. I think this one’s been changed a little. I haven’t played the earlier LL version, though.

When Episode buys and features community stories, is it always pre-existing ones? Do they ever hire a community writer to write something original based on history of success engaging readers? Because that would be cool…


The description kinda reminds me of The Transformation (I haven’t read it, though).

It’s exactly that story. Same author.



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Ok, I read episode one and took screenshots :hushed:

First thing’s first: Check it out, the barrister clothes have purpose.

Also. I know every featured story by episode law is required to have “token” characters. I’m used to the token lesbian best friend for the MC, but this time we have the token gay best friend for the love interest. Of course, token gay best friend for the love interest’s boyfriend wears this ugly suit because how else would we know he was gay?

MC gets a dirty or bruised face from falling over after… You guessed it, running straight into her crush! I’m not sure if this is classified as a tattoo or as a new face shape.

And finally, ANYWAYS isn’t a word! a principal would not say “Anyways”.

Anniways. If you see this, I’m sorry I said this about your username. I still love you.


thinks of all the times I used anyways in my story


All of those times you were wrong!
Though, I feel like it can be used as a way of showing character. I use it in real life knowing full well it’s not a word… But a principal saying this? Doubt it.


@amberose I feel like I’m guilty of this too…


SIGH! Y’all need Jesus Caliope


Caliope scares me


GAH! You evil person, reminding me that I SERIOUSLY need to catch up on those stories posted there. Whoops. Kidding, how can I be upset or angry with you? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

I do?! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Is now a bad time to mention I’m an English student?..:sweat_smile: