Discussion: A Little More Me

I mean the fantasy one.


Stereotypical. There are a thousand stories on the app, and I’m pretty sure multiple Episode “Original” ones which use that exact formula.

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OMG, I genuinely want the magic scenes and the Paul brothers!!!

(If you guys are wondering, the LI’s name is Logan and his brother is Jake)


Oh. That’s so weird?

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Also another thing, for some reason in the Customisation scene in ep 1, some of the nose choices have Skin in the name???

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What I want to know is what happened to this story. This was in their 2017 diversity standards. It’s now almost 2019.


Please Episode, keep up!


So what the fudge? For some reason, the story started its student-teacher relationship (the actual first time I’ve ever seen a mean girl teacher) sooner than the actual makeover…

At least the hairbun looks nice.

Highlights to my lowlife


Highlights to my lowlife?! :rofl: You kill me

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I literally know that one Poppy song though


Because most times when someone decides to rewrite a story, they usually make changes to things in the story. This could be for plenty of reasons. For example, something in the story didn’t make sense the first time and they edited it to be more clear. Or it could be in Episode’s case, something that wasn’t possible to do at the time that can be done now.

That was the case for the Transformation. When Sandra recreated her story in LL, she changed a few things from the Ink version that didn’t make sense.

The problem with this “new” story is that it is literally the LL version word for word just with a different name and unless you knew about it beforehand, you wouldn’t have figured it out unless you actually clicked the story to read it. There’s nothing new to discover which is why the majority are complaining.


Honestly, with what other posts mentioned about token gay characters, it was freaking surprising that this story would have a trans character, pre-op/transitioning at that. Other than the hair, I kinda like the look of her.
Apparently there are tops with breast for male-body characters (ok, I didn’t know how to phrase that, but it’s pretty cool)


Oh wow! This is a great step in the right direction… As long as they portray them correctly.
Side note: I love that hair


It could come from his mother’s side, with him being biracial.

But I wouldn’t expect Episode to add that much depth to a character lmao he’s the bad boy love interest what am i thinking


He’s technically the golden boy jock, but your point still stands


Ah, I see,
I haven’t actually read the story, I just assumed, lmao-
Any racially ambiguious tan boy in an Episode story is likely to be the ‘bad boy,’ so I just assumed.


h o l y sHIT

Sorry I know this story is probably bad but?? QUEEN IS PASSING LIKE A MF
Where are these clothes? The transitional ones? This is everything. The last time I saw a character that wasn’t strictly male or female was Tequila Mockingbird in Bad Boy Bachelor, who felt like a caricature of what people think trans women are like.

… Sorry. I’m a trans dude and this is. Getting me excited!! Look at her!! I love this wtf


My First Kiss had a trans, bisexual LI too, just to let you know.

From what I could infer, Jessica is going to be the ‘fairy godmother’ for MC’s transformation. I mean, as well the story makes sure this is just a bit of rebellion against MC’s mom putting her in conservative clothing, this wouldn’t be … stereotypical?

Don’t worry, I guess other users are excited as well.

Though not sure about continuing the story though?


I wasn’t aware of that! I didn’t actually read that story-

Honestly, the character herself isn’t my biggest concern - it’s the character model that gets me interested! It seems like it’s a male face with a male upper body, with the female legs, clothes, and hair.
Knowing Episode’s release dates on things, this isn’t going to be available for a long time, unfortunately. But it’s a step in an interesting direction! Will we get non binary models? Trans male ones? Different body types in terms of weight?

Just like those horse rigs in the Positively Princess(?) story, it means somethin’ big, and cool.


Whoa, I didn’t notice the legs.

But I’m hoping the same for different body models!!!