DISCUSSION: A "wish list" look alike thread

Hi episodians, :wave:t4:

I’ve noticed since the wish list, everyone seems happier with the weekly update content. This system allow us to talk directly with the episode team via Melani3. But as you already know only existent and non gem choices are eligible for this, for other request we have to make discussion here, on our own to suggest what we want.

Unfortunately, I’ve also noticed that those request a rarely taken into account , even when they have visibility ( which is also rare)… So I was wondering if you would support my idea of an other thread gathering all of our request in one place and run by an episode official as @Melani3 does it so well with the wish list thread!!

Of course there will not be weekly update unlike this last because making arts takes time to elaborate and then test. But why not a big special update every 4 to 6 months?(for exemple )

What are your thought on it? Would you like if this thread existed? Do you support my idea ?
Thanks for your Time , I wish you all the best!:heart::slight_smile:

PS: I’m sorry for my eventual grammar mistakes but I’m not a native speaker :sweat_smile:
PPS: I’ve also posted this on the feature suggestion because I don’t know where it fits best, again sorry😅


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