Discussion: Ability to Maximize Points

In some stories where choices matter and multiple endings are possible, authors give the reader the ability to maximize points at the end of each chapter.
For example, the reader might have picked incorrectly in conversation with a LI and therefore failed to earn relationship points; The reader might also choose incorrectly during a training session and therefore fail to earn points for their fighting skills. The author would then include an option at the end of the chapter to maximize relationship points with said LI and/or to maximize fighting skills.
Essentially, this can allow the reader to achieve the desired or “good” ending, even if they made some mistakes.
What are your thoughts on this? Does it take away from the idea that choices matter? Or does it provide a good opportunity for readers to enjoy the story to the fullest even if they made mistakes? Discuss below!

Well, I think it does take away from the idea that choices matter. In my opinion, if the choices are supposed to matter in a certain story, then there should be benefits or consequences given in the story accordingly, depending on the choice.

I don’t think the choices would be of much value if I was going to be given the option to “make up” for my decisions at the end of the chapter or story anyways. Personally, I like to earn things, and if I didn’t earn the points for the good ending, then that’s okay because I can always go back and replay it if I want to and see the get the other alternate endings. Speaking of replays, I think it takes away from the replay value of a story because of this reason.

I feel that if the choices are supposed to really matter, then they should as a whole, with no unnecessary opportunity to make up for it. Note the word unnecessary. If there’s an opportunity to make up for it, I feel that it should be authentic and make sense with the story. If it doesn’t, I don’t think it’s needed. To me, it has to make sense in the plot development so that it can feel more realistic and logical that way, that these certain actions led to a certain point. But what I’m saying is that it shouldn’t feel forced. It should feel natural.

Generally, other than these few things, I don’t have a preference for it, but I don’t mind it too much if the author gives me an option to “make up” for it as long as they aren’t unnecessary and make sense both naturally and logically with the plot.

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I think an option to replay the chapter would be better. What’s the point of trying to pick the right choices if you can just make up for your mistakes in one tap at the end of the chapter? :blush: Episode doesn’t allow replaying just one chapter, you have to replay the whole story. But there are ways to code replays by chapter, so that’d be nice to see.


I think it does take away from the idea that choices matter. It’s not your true ending if you “cheat”, but in saying that, I guess giving the option avoids getting angry fanmail, and then honest people can choose to leave their points the way they are

Some people make it a gem choice, which I think is one of the actual good ways to use gem choices, since it’s nothing you couldn’t have done by paying closer attention in the story. If people wanna max out their points so bad they’re willing to use real money (or play through all of It Starts With a Bra and save up gems…) then sure, why not let them :joy:

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