Discussion about Classic + thoughts?

Were you guys here when the only style was classic? I feel like all the discussions now are ink vs. limelight, and tons of new users don’t even know about classic’s existence. I mean, don’t get me wrong, classic is creepy as hell and the guys’ feet are insanely huge, but it’s just sad bc it’s so nostalgic.

I remember back in 2014 when the only style was classic, and there were some really good stories. (ie. The Ember Effect, Campus Crush, Super Secret Cedar Hill) Obviously ink and limelight are better on the eyes haha, but I feel like the quality of stories was still really great back then.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but I guess what are your thoughts about classic? Aside from how creepy and huge the feet are and all that. The people who came after 2016 were used to seeing ink so I think seeing classic was just a hard no for them, but anyway, what are your thoughts? Personally I love the clothing options.


i’ve been there since classic. my first ever story was campus crush and then i read pregnant and alone LMAO!! the guys look like donkeys tbh. well my opinion on classic is that the animations were terrible and you cant really customize. theres only a few outfits i like but before ink and limelight, i thought it was cool. of course bc i was seven at the time

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I know what you mean. There was definitely a lot more quality story-telling in my opinion with older classic stories on Episode. I actually started reading Episode around the time when Limelight was just started being introduced (i didn’t like LL at all then lol). But i saw some of the classic stories and thought they looked creepy as Hell :heart_eyes:

I think with LL and Ink, Episode just became a lot more popular-- inviting new users to the platform. I think this overfled the app with an abundance of new stories and decreased quality in story telling.

For example, it can take me around 40 min ( :face_vomiting: ) to find something i like compared to back then when i can browse through a few stories and find a few things that interest me.

I’m not a fan of classic, but i respect it.


This is soooo true. I found that it was so much easier for me to find a good story I liked back then. Now, I spend so much time trying to find a good one that’s to my taste. :sneezing_face:

Props to every single author out there, coding takes so much time so I genuinely applaud everyone who even manages to publish one. But, i do think the quality of the stories were a lot better before. Not a massive fan of classic but I respect it too, I think each style gives a story its own unique feel to it :yum:


Yep! Been here since 2014. My first story was Party Girls. I also loved Super Secret Cedar Hill. I agree that the quality of the stories was way better back then. I honestly like all of the styles but limelight is newer and gets all the updates so I prefer it.
Also, I was just thinking about rereading some classic stories because of nostalgia! Definitely going to now.

hahaha yes definitely can’t deny that limelight and ink look a LOT better than classic, and the animations were definitely a little… off. I guess I’m just a rlly nostalgic person hahah, it makes me sad that classic’s kinda dead now.

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For sure! I think also for people like you that joined relatively recently (as in a while after ink), when you see all three styles at once, classic’s definitely gonna be an eyesore. But when you’ve started with classic and kinda went up the ladder, it’s a little different. But totally agree with how long it takes to find a quality story nowadays. It’s expanded so much, and literally everyone can write a story, so that definitely makes it hard to find good stories.


True! All classic stories were so incredibly unique and different, and now you can find like 50 different stories that are pretty much the exact same.


Yeah that’s exactly how I feel! I prefer reading in the most frequently updated style, but lately I’ve been realizing that even ink has tons of quality stories that I missed in the past few years. Limelight’s kind of all over the place because of the expansion of episode.

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I’ve been here since early classic days and (despite how weird they look lol) classic is and will always be my favorite style.
I remember staying up til 3 am reading Party Girls, Campus Crush, literally every single one of Joseph Evans classic stories and so many more. Thinking back to when there were only a handful of classic stories available to read almost makes me wish I could go back to that one more time :sob: wtf is wrong with me lol


I totally understand why not many people enjoy classic anymore. I feel like you kind of had to have been there at that time to truly appreciate the horribly designed characters lmfaooo sorry Episode And honestly I’ll probably never write a classic story again due to lack of popularity, animations, facial features etc. It’s very outdated now, but it’s a staple to Episode’s history and will forever have a special place in my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I whole heartedly agree. I remember I first started playing episode back in 2014, so I was in like 4th grade haha. And I had just gotten this old iPhone to use and I would just stay up late every night reading stories. oml the nostalgia.

But yess Joseph Evans’ stories were the first ones I read and they’re actually really well written and directed, despite a lot of them being in classic.

I would never write in classic, I just know that no ones gonna read it and there’s a lack of features, but I definitely would read it. And I totally agree that you have to had been there to truly appreciate it. New users are used to limelight and maybe ink, so classic’s like nonexistent to all of them.

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The simplicity in directing made them so special. It’s very interesting to see how the community as a whole has evolved and progressed over the years :two_hearts:

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Totally! I definitely admire the amount of effort people put into directing nowadays, it’s really amazing. But I also think that since it was so simple back then, people were able to put a lot of time and effort into the plot and dialogue of the story.

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well I am the one who came in time LL was starting. And Clasic was as you say for me bit creepy. I mut say the style is making to not want to even try the story - I tried the Ember Effect…and I had to stop due how creepy the characters are …the weired smiles all look bit psycho to me. :smiley:
I get is probably different if you know the app from time this was the only style. But me not touched by the nostalgia am really glad LL is there . :slight_smile:

I’ve stated many times that classic while limited in many ways had so of the best stories on the platform both Featured and Community

I totally get that. Going from reading LL to classic is a huuuge difference hahah

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True! So many of my favorite stories were written in classic. They were all so original and creative.

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I’ve been here since classic
At the time there were no other styles so I didn’t know it could get better, some of the clothing, hair and animations I wish were in ink and limelight
Classic was my all time favorite so I felt weird when ink came out. The characters seemed like giants with huge heads compared to classic
Then I got used to ink and started thinking classic was creepy
Then limelight came out I thought it was strange at first but yay! No more huge heads
I think limelight is the perfect style but classic will always hold a special place in my heart

i started episode when ink was still new (about 2-3 months) and first story they forced me to read was campus crush, and i honestly never liked it, i just read it to get the rest of the app’s content open. when i managed to do that, i went to read a new story straight away! i opened a story called bad boy’s girl, and first thing i noticed was that the style was completely different! In a good way! i liked the story and i continued reading it, but then i had to read different story while BBG was getting updated. I entered a different story (forgot the name) and it was classic. And when I saw the characters I physically cringed! :sob: :sob: :sob: the plot of the story was AMAZING but… the dude were creepy AF! :sneezing_face:

I then stopped reading Episode for a long time, and when i came back, LL was just being introduced, i finished reading the ink story i stopped on before taking a long break then opened a new story, it was LL, and when i looked at it… I HATED IT… but that was then and this is now, I now love LL to a whole new level. Anyways, I continued reading ink until I found a story that i liked it’s description SOOOOO much that i just HAD to read it even tho it was LL, that was the time when i started loving LL.

But what I did notice is that, back then when it was only Classic and INK, there were so many different and unique stories, each with their own plot. Nowadays, you see a lot of cliche stories, plots are repeated, EVERYONE IS OVER USING BAD BOYS, and you can’t really find very nice original content these days.

I agree! It’s honestly just about what you’re used to. New users definitely can’t stand classic because now there’s ink and limelight to compare to… which makes sense.