Discussion: African American Stories


I don’t want to start an argument or a debate about this, but I do want to pose this question to the Episode community. We all know that there aren’t a lot of stories on the Episode app where African Americans are incorporated into them. I, myself, is an African American teenage girl, and I would love to see more stories geared to my culture. Disclaimer. If you think I’m making this thread to be racist towards anyone, you’re WRONG! That is not what I’m doing. I just want to see how you guys feel about this.

There’s nothing wrong with appealing to readers of all cultures and races. That’s the bigger picture. Diversity is key, and society doesn’t agree with that. Society will teach us and tell us that a person should stay within their same race of people. That is WRONG! There is nothing wrong with associating with people of a different race. Don’t let anyone tell you different.


I agree with you. As a fellow African American, I noticed these same issues. We do need more African Americans in stories. Along with other POC.


Yes. I’m not saying that African American people and POC within the Episode community have to cause a riot just to get what we want, but we can just simply take our concerns to the Episode platform.


I know what you meant. But there are some of them that might not be willing to listen :unamused: However some others will. I just hate it how they represent some of us, like giving us light lip colors that doesn’t match with our skin at all. It gets me pissed. Or representing the culture of POC wrong.


I feel you. I’m also an African American, and I’m glad you made this post. :grin:


I myself am not African American, but I do agree people should be more accepting to diversity. I really liked your post!


No problem. I felt like I should make a thread about this just to see if some people felt the same way as me.


I agree with this post. Hopefully this thread doesn’t end in a brawl and ends up closed.
I also feel that we need to create more stories with African American leads. To also show the community how to properly represent our culture.


Agreed! I personally think it should be a little more of everything (asians and latinos/latinas). Most of the stories I read that dont let you custimolize are mainly whites.


Sorry if that offended you :persevere:


Not to be offensive but have you guys noticed the high amount of Black and White couples in stories. I feel like there’s a lot of them. I don’t want you to think I don’t support the idea of it but it’s just excessive. Sorry if I offended some of you. :no_mouth:


You ain’t offending nobody, you speaking the facts! :+1:t5:


I see it here and there, but it can be excessive at times I guess. Dont really pay attention tbh. Im not offended at all lol


I did not notice that. Mostly because the stories that I read don’t have interracial couples incorporated into them. I’m not offended by it.


You’re speaking the truth. I had to play MANY stories. That had nobody close to my skin color. It gets annyonying after a while to be honest.


It’s sometimes in the popular stories. And I know some black authors make a lot of them and it is kinda annoying at times. But still beautiful.


This is why i prefer CC ik 90% of ppl dont but i do. They say its taking away from the authors original vision and the MCs apperance matters…but…most times its just so it can match the illustrations or they can describe them as being beautiful in some way…
How many black ppl do u get to play as in episodes the defaults always white with beach wavy hair. Representation matters v.v wish i can play as my race…in a non rasict way.


Im not to annoyed by it cause most of the stories I read you can customize so I can still make them close to my skin color. But the stories where you can’t really customize theres not always a lot of diversity but they still have a good story lines.


I noticed that as well! Thinks off topic


I guess it’s sort of like a trend.