Discussion: African American Stories


I agree, not only african americans, but like me I’d like to see, An African American best friends with a muslim/pakistani girl because that me in real life with an African American best friend and also A Mong friend.

But i do feel like episode doesn’t really put in other races often because maybe they think people will think it’s racist? I don’t know, in my story the mc’s bestfriend is African American. Anyways, Yah that’s just my opinion!

-iraq (that’s not my actual name, don;t think im weird lmao)


Story name please?


preach!! i’m from bham.




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I have a question on the topic of African American Stories, is it okay to bring up racism(Mild, and appropriate to the guidelines) in these types of stories?


I wouldn’t recommend it. Episode tends to ban stories like that…But if the featured stories had it, than episode breaks it’s own rules.


Well, at least, addressing racism, but that’s not what the whole story would be about. (I’m not planning on writing a story like this)


No… It wouldn’t be too nice if that happened. But, I can see what you mean. I’m planning on released a story told from an African American female’s point of view next year. Just by what I told you, you kind of know where my story is going. Basically my story about an African American female who is the boss of a fashion company. Unfortunately, there is a certain group of people who see her as a threat to them (I think you know what group of people of referring to).