Discussion: Are featured stories too same-y?

While reading discussions of featured stories, I noticed that some people thought the plots were much too similiar for their liking. Therefore…

  1. Do you believe the plots are starting to run together? If not, why?
  2. Do the similarites in featured stories keep you from reading more of them?

(Personally, I do think they are getting a bit too same-y, and that’s one of the reasons why I don’t keep reading after the first episodes.)


I agree with this there starting to be the same life roommates and royalty it’s really annoying that’s why I stopped reading them. The only one that I like right now is Glitch Girl is it’s really unique with the plot

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Ok seriously, when you open up the app and hold your phone at arm’s length, all the featured story covers look identical. There’s at least 5 or 6 that are practically the same and it bothers me!

As for content… Yeah? I mean, they sort of start out with different ideas, but they all include the same kind of characters and same kind of scenes. I feel this is the case with the limelight featured stories. Ink featured stories are still different imo


I feel like The Baby Project, Love & War and It started with a bra are basically the same story with a few differences. They all centre round bad boys who are mean to the MC but result in the two falling in desperately in love when there are ACTUAL NICE GUYS in the stories.

So I agree with you featured stories are getting far too similar. However, I am enjoying Glitch Girl. It’s a refreshing change :joy:


Btw I love your story One of the girls :wink:

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:blush: omigosh thank you

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omg i agree and since the featured stories have a lot of bad boy liking shy girl that’s not like ANYBODY else cliches that just paves the way for writers to use those cliches a ton in non featured stories too

i’ve read soooooo many stories that are the same. I get quite excited when i find something original.

I did actually consider all of the above when writing my own story which i feel is devoid of most of these cliches and is just purely about two good people falling in love. I did post a link but my post was hidden due to being flagged (sorry I didn’t realise I done something wrong by posting it :frowning_face: )

But if you would like to try something ‘fresh’ then check out my profile. :slight_smile:

All featured stories copy each other. Personally, I don’t like featured stories because they are too cliche. It’s alright for an author to write a cliche story, but they would have to incorporate some originality into it. Stories like Bad Boy’s Girl, Matchmaker, The Baby Project and Living With My Crush, are all cliche stories. Either they deal with plots about boys, pregnancy, gangs, popular girls, etc, we’ve all read stories that consisted of those plots. You get tired of reading the same things over and over again.

Not to down top authors that wrote these stories alongside with Episode, I just feel like they could be more original instead of cliche. I know that every author strives to become a top author and have the opportunity to work alongside with Episode to write a story. That’s like a dream of an Episode writer. I can speak for myself when I say this: I’ve gotten tired of the fact that I’m reading the same stories on the app. I don’t like it,