Discussion: Are girls still scared to eat in front of guys?

Right this is the topic, I am very confused with. Why are girls scared to eat in front of guys? Can anyone explain to me?

Edit: I had to change the title because I thought the title was very misleading (the previous one).


I’m only scared of it if they continue to watch me like a creep


Ikr, like dude its going down one way or another :smile:


never has been. i do not understand the entire idea that girls eat infront of guys

what they think we live of water and air.

and honeslty i never had meet a guy who had a problem with woman eating. even my health freak ex was fine with me getting macD cause its my life and my choice


Why is this still a thing? I have no f-cling clue

But its really because the girls dont want the boys thinking they’re slobs or ‘shame them for what they’re eating’ But its So dumb, like I’m eating,
I won’t be able to survive without it, I don’t live off of just oxygen and water :roll_eyes:


Honestly I could care less. Some of my friends put away there lunches when boys walk by. I just shove my entire sandwich in my mouth and stare at them.


Same. When I was in university, I used to be scared of eating in public. I used to eat half of my food and then throw them away when my friends (then) come to sit on the same table as me.


Idk. Is that even a thing?

I never really encountered anything like that. I want to eat. I eat. Who cares who is watching? Don’t girls also sometimes stare at guys? Should that stop us from eating?

And if it should, why not just stop breathing in front of guys or something? (No offense to anyone - that came out harsher than intended)


Tsk. This statement is so untrue.
I’d eat a whole ass burger, rib, angus steak… all that in front of a dude.
If you can’t handle me at my best, then you ain’t getting me at my greatest… tf?


I eat however I want to eat and then I get told to eat like a lady. What exactly does that mean?? I don’t eat all nasty like but I do sometimes rush eating my food but I still make sure I don’t eat all messy and with my mouth open because that is disgusting. However, I still get told I need to eat properly
Sometimes people even ask me if that’s how I would eat if I went out with a guy??? Why is pleasing a guy more important than my hunger?
I’m not afraid to eat how I want to and if anybody doesn’t like it, they can leave lol


I mean, does this guy know me? Or is he just watching me eat as a randomer? I don’t care about eating in front of someone if I know them, but if a randomer is staring at me (whether I’m eating or not) is a bit creepy.


I don’t get scared to eat infront of guys because if I need to eat then I’m gonna eat, I guess some girls are scared to eat infront of guys because they’re scared that guys will judge them or say they aren’t eating “lady like” and stuff.

I don’t get why this is a thing, like yes girls eat too :skull:


Idk I’m just a really bad eater like when I’m enjoying something I smash badly like food everywhere it’s really a horror show watching me eat :joy::joy: but usually I don’t mind eating in front of guys but I don’t like eating in front of my boyfriend :joy::joy: like this time I was eating fries and he was just watching me and when I caught him he just smiled and I blushed and stopped eating because it’s just so weird watching me eat :joy::joy: I’m also like that with a few girls as well I just don’t like people watching me eat :rofl::rofl:


At lunch my friend, who happens to be extremely self conscious, will take the tiniest bits at lunch because she “doesn’t want to look weird.” But I don’t necessarily think it’s just in front of guys, she and possibly others also care about what girls think of them too.

Then there’s me who just shovels the sandwich in my mouth ‘cause I only have like 15 minutes to eat. :joy:

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Most of the girls I knew that demonstrated this did it because they felt uncomfortable and had an eating disorder. It happens.


I don’t like eating in front of people in general :man_shrugging: I’ll feel like I’m a pig and I get very self-conscious. Back when I went to a school and had lunch with friends, I’d find myself not eating much or just slow, I just didn’t feel hungry. But then at home, I’d eat everything but the kitchen sink. I think it has something to do with feeling self-conscious and afraid to be judged. :thinking:


Honestly I am like this with most people in general. I have an eating disorder though and I am quite sure that is why! :confused:


Girl you are in the 1980s nobody does that bull anymore, it’s 2019, nobody really cares, all the human race has to eat

Mmmmm they all sound yummy.

But yeah, I’m not sure if male family members taught us this stuff that’s why I’m confused. I’m usually scared to eat in public in case people watch me eat and be like, “Look at that loner, eating alone.”

Glad I ain’t alone on this one. I have Body Dysmorphia and whenever I look in the mirror, I sometimes feel disgusted that I’d have to put less food on my plate. I even get aggressive when someone overfeeds me (which is pretty much a South East Asian thing).