DISCUSSION: Are more "abnormal" genres forgotten because Episode makes it so hard to create them?

I just created a new topic in the suggested features topic section Feautures + Clothing: We need more fantasy, victorian, horror - etc - themed assets! and came to the conclusion that what I suggested in my topic is actually something I would want do discuss with you guys as well, as I regard this as a huge problem.

Romance and/or drama have come to be the top chosen genres - and there’s nothing wrong with that really. I love romance, but what I do also love is a good thriller, mystery, horror or fantasy story as well. But as I scroll through the assets given to writers (animations, backgrounds, overlays, clothing) I came to realise that there’s little, close to nothing that would benefit other stories than stories taking place in a normal society and/or world. I do know that limelight is still being built, but as to what I’ve seen before, I’m slightly worried for the future…

When comparing ink, classic and limelight I came to the conclusion that all abnormal assets in every style tended to be forgotten to a larger degree. Classic featured more clothing that would benefit fantasy for example more than ink did, showcasing a development for the worse. Which kinda makes me angry. Why should all the other genres we less benefitted really?

As I discussed in my other topic I think that all other genres except romance and drama, tends to be forgotten because they are so much harder to create and make believable. If you would have to rely on overlays to create something as easy as a scary lady for a horror story, don’t you think that there’s something missing? Or fantastical creatures, that you clearly don’t know where to find in ink nor in limelight. Classic had creatures (or costumes) to a lesser degree but still had them. Why haven’t ink or limelight recieved those as well?

If Episode actually would start to give more love and benefits to every other genre and create more pieces of clothing; medieval, creature-costumes, wounds etc then perhaps they would attract a larger audience as well as more writers to write them because it would be much easier to create them. Because now it’s actually really hard to create a believable fantasy etc story if you don’t have all the overlays etc to use and is limited to a short list of clothes to use that is actually designated just for those kinds of stories. Which is just so sad.

Because in the end, how easy would it be to create a modern high school romance if you were only given medieval clothing, no “modern” animations (goodbye iphones) and only nature backgrounds? That’s how it is to create every abnormal story.

What do you guys think? Would you attract more if we hade more assets to use?


I would say yes. Episode mainly concentrates on Romance and majority of their featured stories mainly concentrate or focus on that genre. Disappointing that they can;t even come up with other genres or give us stuff for other genres but encourage us to write “unique stories.” :roll_eyes:


and then we haven’t even talked about what episode sees as romance cough gang mafia cough I wish they would give us users more possibilities to write horror stories because they can look great on episode


Right! It’s so contradictive, all of it. They are supposed to act as role models, yet they keep insisting on throwing out the same generic stories. :unamused: And just like you said, they say that we should create but how can you when you have nothing to work with?


in my opinion episode want us to create stories where no matter what you will get a happy ending however this isn’t always the case. A leader of a gang mafia won’t just like you because you look so help less or because you raise you’re voice at him, a populair high school guys won’t just love you because you don’t wanna sleep with him and things like this


I agree, all those stories are so unrealistic. But I believe that authors tend to sway to what will get them reads and what is the easiest to create. That’s why I hope that Episode will focus on bringing us assets that would make if much more easier to create different stories not only set within our everyday world.

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Yeah, t’s been proven that you can create amazing horror stories on Episode, for example Hello? by Evil Ebonni & Old Mate (even though it says thriller, it was so scary) and I can’t even imagine how many overlays they had to use in order to create those amazing effects. But like I said, considering how difficult it must have been to create those effects and the time it must have taken, no wonder so many evades it.

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My fantasy story or in fact most fantasy writers had to analyse and have lots of creativity in terms of designing outfits for characters. I do too. Not great but still decent enough…but could be better.

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But at least people will remember the effort it took to make those, unlike your usual romance stories that anyone can make (not saying their badly directed, just that they usually don’t need as many overlays for scenes like fantasy or horror stories would)


Yessss yessssss exactlyyyyyyyy

I agree. All of the other genres are underrated. Fantasy isn’t though.


Very true! I just hope that we will get more assets so that many more talented authors can create their stories. If Episode hade created all those overlays and for added wounds it would have been so much easier from the start. But it’s unfortunate that Episode just focus on creating “normal” stuff.

Exactly, it’s not always as easy as to just pick out an outfit like you can when writing a story about high school. More clothing options especially suited for fantasy, victorian etc is needed.

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the only thing ,in my opinion, that is overrated in the fantasy section is werewolf and vampire love stories I’m admitting to reading some of them but let’s be real not every vampire is a sweet and caring one

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Yup. Twilight ruined the fantasy section, but let’s be honest: Galileo School of Magic is amazing!

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I had a medieval story in mind and was really excited to write it - but surprise there are only modern clothes, backgrounds and animations.

That’s just really sad, and I don’t get why it has to be like that. I simply don’t. Why couldn’t Episode just try to vary their releases instead of going with the modern approach all the time? I guess it’s just like the featured stories, always the same…

I want animated horsies from positively princess. In many different colors. ^^

I’ve read your story Tribe of Malapinchi, with what we’re given, you’ve done very well ^^