Discussion: asking for free art saying. "I wont pay but I will give credit"

Please tell me I am not the only who get really anoyed over this.

Its just the way they present it, like its a bargening tool. what they are saying is basicly

I wont pay you for your time. but do the minimum desensy of not claming the art as mine and tell who made it

Credit you need to add even if you paid for the art, so you saying you will give credit means nothing because doing it is not a favor, its not a thing you offer, its the bare minimum you have to do, its not a bargening chip, and not giveing credit makes you a horrible person, there dont deserve the artist time.

I dont know if this is how people asking for free art think, but I often feel like they think credit is worth something, like its worth the amount of money people charge for art. and they are so generous for giving, when in fact credit is kinda useless. but still really mean not to give credit, but worthless.


Well said!

If you want high quality art, then you have to pay for it AND give credit.
People should always give credit to art, background, overlays, templates etc. if they didn’t do it.


Agreed, it doesn’t even take 2 minutes to credit someone but it took them hours of their time to create whatever for you. I don’t understand why that is so hard to do. :woman_shrugging: we don’t care if it “doesn’t feel right to you” (yes, I saw a thread say that :woman_facepalming:). It shouldn’t feel right to not give credit since you didn’t make it. Also keep track of who you are to credit because you can’t just add it and expect the person to come demanding for their due credit. I doubt they mean it like that tho, I think they are trying to say that they are trust worthy. But it is a good point that credit is not a substitute for compensation for time/resources.


I agree. It’s the bare minimum to credit artists for their works. I understand that some people can’t pay, but saying ‘Will credit’, doesn’t really make any difference in that. If they really need art, go to a free art shop, where it is MANDATORY to give credit. Even if someone says no credit needed, it is a common courtesy to give credit anyways. If you can’t pay, go to an art shop. Period.


It bothers me too, especially when they post a thread and don’t even try to look in art shops first. I’m sure they don’t mean to make it seem like this but to me it just gives off a sense of entitlement, and like the credit in their story will help the artist in some way, when it’s really the other way around.


I agree. Like I’m not going to go to a art shop IRL and say I don’t want to pay and you need to make it immediately. You can’t do that, so people shouldn’t be treating digital artists like that too. If arts to expensive then find a free artist who will kindly make it for you and credit them, don’t try asking for free if they have a set up shop with rules. And there are many quality free artists on too. (Well at least I found many shops on here)




I don’t agree with this particular part. I mean you paid for it, it’s yours. But don’t claim it as your know, you know.

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Ig your right in some part the art is yours cause you paid for it. but if you gonna use it to advertise something such as your story and etc you should definitely give credit to the artist even if you paid that’s the right thing to do at least but your right if you paid for it and it was made for you than you can do you and choose not give credit. But giving some credit takes two seconds out of your day.

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actually there is diffrent between paing for use or ownership.

that why in movies you see all that long credits role, they are all paid to work, but they still credit evryine from actor to make up artist,

I have a friend who is a proffisionel artist. commission her is 500 dollers. ownership of an art is 50000 dollers.

so yes you can buy art you dont have to credit, the price is just very much higher.


Well said!
Bravooo :+1:
It actually doesnt matter to me, I just respect thoose people!


I realise that some people are unable to pay for art, but unfortunately in that case I’m afraid you have to just suck it up and not have art :woman_shrugging:t3: it’s not a necessity, I can agree it may boost your reads, but if you cant pay for it, you cant have it it’s really that simple :see_no_evil:

Theres plenty of free art shops that do edits but I think people have such high expectations that they should have this beautiful realistically drawn art but dont want to pay for it or simply cant.

Maybe what I’m saying is slightly harsh but I’ve seen a lot of people saying they have no money to pay… dont ask for art then🤷🏼‍♀️


Yes, I dont wanna be after evryone who ask for free art, but like evry time people ask for free art this is what I think.