DISCUSSION: Author Notes in Episode Stories


I’ve been curious about this for a while… What does everyone think about author notes at the beginning or end of episodes?

Here’s some prompts questions, but feel free to add your own…

  1. Do you like seeing author notes in episode stories?
    1a. Why or why not?
  2. Why do you think some authors add in author notes?
  3. When is the right time to add in an author note? If at all…
  4. What information should be included in author notes?
    4a. What information should be left out?
  5. Are FAQ considered author notes?
  6. Is it better to have the author be created as a character that can be animated on screen for author notes? Or should it be left as the narration speech bubble? Or maybe even just the occasional readerMessage?

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  1. Depends… I’ll elaborate below.

1a. Why? I really enjoy seeing them comment about their stories, but over doing it is a bit . . . like okaaayy we get it. Why not, if its at the beginning apologizing for stuff in the story my opinion of the story goes down.

  1. I don’t know about other authors, but I added ‘author notes’ because I was tired of answers the same questions OVER and OVER again.

  2. I feel like at the end of every 5 episodes, that is when I do mine. Anything more seems too much.

  3. I think information like social media should be talked about, maybe some updates?

4a. Apologies should be avoided. I would also avoid spoilers.

  1. Hmmm . . . HMMMM . . . Good question. I’m going to say no but I don’t have any opinion / argument to back it up atm .

  2. Oooohhh, I’ve been wondering this too. I do a mix, because it’s boring to watch a character talk for awhile, but a narr bubble seems . . . lazy? Plus the reader can spam through.

I am curious to what other authors write.

return question >: D , what do you do for your stories?


I mean… I don’t really mind them that much. I sometimes put them in my episodes. The only time they’re really annoying is if the author just tells the reader every little detail about themselves down to their social security number.
Personally I think long(er) author’s notes should be left to the end of the episode but if there’s something the author wants to say during a scene just make it a reader Message. Thoughts?


Do you like seeing author notes in episode stories?
It depends on the context.
Why do you think some authors add in author notes?
Some might add it to alert the reader or just to be funny and waste lines.
When is the right time to add in an author note? If at all…
The right time to add it in in my opinion is at the END of the episode. It lets the readers read the story without being taken out of the experience.
What information should be included in author notes?
Important information like changes in upload, NEW instagram/twitter/facebook account, life update (that affects their Episode Life), and things like that.
Are FAQ considered author notes?
In my opinion, no. Some authors create choices to choose FAQ that readers can look at to prevent multiple fanmail of the same question. I think this is a great idea.
Is it better to have the author be created as a character that can be animated on screen for author notes? Or should it be left as the narration speech bubble? Or maybe even just the occasional readerMessage?
It’s better if they don’t appear as their character because in my opinion if the story is NOT a comedy (because most of the times these authors act funny and use flirt_wink and blow_kiss) then they should keep it to narration bubbles. ReaderMessage takes a while to go away . 5 seconds is a long time on a screen lol. I don’t mind if it’s used for telling the reader about choices mattering though.


I feel the same about apologizing in authors’ notes. It makes me immediately click off the story. (Usually.)


I’m okay with them as long as they are pertinent to the story in that exact moment. If it can wait until the end of the chapter or be put at the beginning, I would put it in one of those spots. I also think its kinda lame when the author inserts themselves into the story. It’s a character with no function within the story. I have no problem with the author introducing themselves at the before or afterwards, but keep yourself out of the actual story. It’s kinda distracting.


Ooohhh, I agree with almost everything you said…

I really hate author notes overall, but I do read a lot of stories that have them so I guess my hate isn’t bad enough that I won’t read a story. I think your idea of every 5 episodes should definitely be taken into consideration for some author’s that I know LOL.

To answer your question, I have only put an author note in one story. It was in the last episode, which I considered a bonus episode because it was just to show all endings. And my author note was like “thanks for reading. Hope you liked your ending. But if you didn’t now’s your chance to see all possible outcomes…”. And throughout that story, I did use readerMessage to make it known when a choice mattered


Yeah, that’s so true. Sometimes I think they could put all that info in their author profile tbh


And they always seem to walk on to the screen doing that disco dance animation too!

  1. I feel like it’s unprofessional if they talk about things not relating to the story so mostly not.
  2. I think authors put notes in to be heard…?
  3. I think the appropriate times would be to briefly mention it while it’s happening.
  4. They should only talk about things relating to the story.
  5. I think FAQs are not part of author’s notes. It’s what the readers want to know so I like those in case I’m wondering the same question.
  6. I think it should be everything except explained by a character. It’s unnecessary.


Lol, the accuracy.


i like author notes but sometimes i find JMO that authors can get snarky and sassy with their fans in these author notes and i do not like that at all. Like first of all we are reading your story and we are passionate about your story so theres no need to be rude and blunt in your author notes just answer the question simply without an attitude. And second of all stop treating us as one entity and that we are all crazy and rabid fans who are always pressuring for updates when majority of us just read the story and move on.


Ohh, good point. Lately I have been seeing more apology-type of author notes, but I know what you mean. I have seen a few sassy notes from time to time too.


I use author notes to answer questions and address things that might seem controversial. I try to make it seem like a goofy authors note because without the humor it’s boring. I don’t want to kill the vibe by not being funny considering my story is a comedy.
I guess it’s annoying when authors act goofy when they’re writing a serious story? It throws people off.
Author notes are annoying when the author just thanks you for reading and blah blah. It’s wasteful.
Answer some questions and make use of your lines.


Yes and appear upside down and play hide and seek! :crazy_face:

  1. I personally like seeing author notes in episode stories. Sometimes they can form a connection or bond with the reader and author, even though you’re not actually talking to them. It also can provide some useful information.
  2. I think authors add author notes to notify readers of certain things, such as potential of more of a delay in chapter uploads and sometimes just to sort of be like “Hey! I’m a human being and not just some sort of robot!”
  3. The right time I’d say is at the end or beginning, if it’s some sort of announcement or reminder.
  4. Anything the author feels they need to say. I’m unsure about what should be left out, though, even though I know there’s something.
  5. I think they are.
  6. Either is good, really. It honestly depends on the atmosphere of the story, I’d think.


yes and i find it a little annoying when they get condescending in the way they say “this story will be updated” you can simply say that without an attitude you know? lol


If an author is giving important information that couldn’t be included in the story, for example:

  • Ifsomeone has a story that they usually update ‘every Saturday’ but they’re going to miss a week or two.
  • The story is being discontinued.
  • The author has published another story that they want to inform their readers about.
  • FAQs that they’ve gotten tired of being asked hundreds of times.
  • Information at the end of a completed story about a sequel/spin-off/lack of sequel.
  • ETA: Trigger warnings. Definitely put those in.

If they’re just dropping in to talk about nothing, or tell you, “It gets better after chapter 20!!!” Or “Sorry it’s so short!!” then… well, it’s their story, so they can do whatever they want, but it seems kind of unprofessional and annoying.


1, They usually irritate me, I find them annoying and unnecessary in most of the stories. In a few cases it can make sense, but only in small doses and if it is actually some relevant and important information about the story. (For example: when the story takes a huge plot twist or there are different endings and the author feels this needs some explanation. I also remember reading a somewhat real life story where the author explained a few things in advance and I thought it was fine).

2, I think they want to feel connected to their readers this way and they also hope they will get more readers if they promise the story will get better. I don’t know how they succeed though. The other day I found a story, which started with the author apologizing for at least a minute straight then the actual story was another 1 minute and I was like “Okay, what?”

3, Honestly I would say only at the very end of the story… Like “Thank you for reading blah blah blah”. But as I have mentioned in the first point I can imagine a very few cases where I find them OK.

4, What should be included: if the story has very mature themes, contains really distracting scenes, abuse etc., I’m always glad to know this at the very beginning because I don’t want to read anything like this.
Things that shouldn’t be included in my opinion:
-what the story is about (We’ll see it, right?)
-why the episodes are short
-why the story has plotholes
-why the story has directing errors
-that it will get better and longer
-how many lines are in a certain episode (Why are they including this? Most of the readers don’t even know what this means…)
-many other things I don’t remember

5, I don’t consider them author’s notes. I mean if the writer is asked the same question over and over again I understand he/she doesn’t want to reply to every single one and I think it’s nice to include FAQ in this case.

6, Ahh, the dancing/kiss blowing/winking author characters! Please no… I mean if someone manages to do this in a funny way, that’s cool, but usually that’s not the case.


Do you like seeing author notes in episode stories?
** Why or why not?**
Contrary to what seems the popular opinion, I LOVE author notes. It makes me feel more connected with the author and it feels like a nice conversation with the author.

Why do you think some authors add in author notes?
To connect with their readers and to give important announcements to readers who may not be using social media. I used to do this because I liked how I felt when I was reading Dripping Mascara and saw Genevieve’s author notes.

When is the right time to add in an author note?
Typically the end of an episode, however it can also be appropriate in the beginning of an Episode depending on the nature of the announcement. If it is urgent and must be seen before the reader proceeds to read the chapter, definitely before. If it can wait, then after.

What information should be included in the author notes?
Stuff pertaining to the story. No spoilers. Just simple updates, maybe answer some FAQ, etc.
What information should be left out?
Anything that does not pertain to the story. The author should keep it professional. As Caitoriri said,

Yeah, I absolutely hate those

Are FAW considered author notes?
No, the author notes seem to be more lighthearted, but FAQ sections leave us knowing nothing about the author. For me, author notes are a chance to get to know the author.

Is it better to have the author be created as a character that can be animated on screen for author notes? Or should it be left as the narration speech bubble? Or maybe even just the occasional readerMessage?
The author should be created as a character for author notes. Again, I’m all about getting to know about the author. I like the enjoyment of seeing the author interact with us, readers. A narration bubble would be boring for me.