DISCUSSION: Avengers Endgame

Okay BE WARNED if you haven’t seen Avengers Endgame yet there will be MAJOR spoilers below!!!

Okay sooo, what are your thoughts? I knew that Black Widow was gonna die because I watched Film Theory’s video on youtube lol, I also knew Iron Man was gonna die because I’m pretty sure his contract was done, and his character arc is over. Can’t really do anything with his character anymore. Who’s your favorite character? Mine is definitely Dr. Strange. Did any scenes in the movie make you cry? (I don’t cry during movies but I def came close. Any predictable moments? I predicted that Captian Marvel was gonna come back when we least expect it and save everyone (which she did). Funniest moment? For me, it was near the beginning when thanos just…died. And it was easy and unexpected and frickin hilarious. I’d love to discuss and hear your thoughts too!


It was such a great movie! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: honestly I could tell that Iron man was gonna die but the way he stopped Thanos just had me all in all shook :joy: I really didn’t see it going that way. And I’ve never been a huge fan of Captain America but seeing how he decided to go back in time to be with the woman he loved :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that honestly had my heart racing like honestly it was so sweet then he was there and passed his shield on. Also same girl I don’t cry like at all in movies and if I do it’s because it really hit me in the feels. End game made my emotions rise but not crying wise but it was close. But the scene that really pulled at my heart strings was when they were all coming back and getting ready to fight and Spider-Man came back and black panther :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love black panther but my ultimate fav superhero throughout all of Marvel is Spider-Man he was the first superhero I ever watched in the movie theatres so I love him :joy:


I just watched it yesterday!

So like, the ending/the whole movie is kimda unpredictable. I love how Thanos just died at the beginning :rofl:
I also like Dr. Strange the most, and he’s actually the wisest dude(he knew how to defeat thanos by dying).
I didn’t cry,but I almost did when Ironman died. It’s heroic but sad.
I completely forgot about captain Marvel, so when she came and smash Thanos ship, I actually thought it’s Vision(the dude who have a shone in he’s head but thanos killed him in infinity war)
I absolutely love this movie!


I’m seeing it tomorrow night and this thread is super tempting for me…but I’m not spoiling the movie for myself. I’ll update tomorrow :joy:

Did you guys really like it?

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It was enjoyable for me, not the best marvel movie though. Nostalgic though.

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I really want to unblur everything and read it but like I don’t want to be sad.

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Really? Which was your fave marvel movie?

lolol same I always get tempted. the amount of times I’ve spoiled movies and tv shows for myself and regretted it is ridiculous.

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If I really had to choose, I would say Thor and Ironman are my favourite characters so I was kind of pissed off that Ironman had to die. It was for a reason, I understand that, but I’ve always liked that in superhero movies the evil characters die and all the heroes survive and I so wanted this to be the cliche I expected. To me Thor was hands down the funniest and he has also the coolest super powers and I didn’t really like that Captain America just lifted up his hammer, like how?? , along with Wanda who is straight-up badass in fight. The fight scenes were epic as always, but I would have loved to see more of the characters who died in Infinity War, because I love Dr Strange, Spiderman and the whole crew of the Guardians of Galaxy but I felt like they had quite a small role compared to the others. Man, I love all the characters, they are all awesome.

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I was kinda hoping Iron Man would retire, BUT he always has the urge to be a hero so I don’t know if he had it in him to stop unless he died.
Favorite characters: Rocket, Spider-Man, and Iron Man. I like funny people lol.
Predictable: Captain America would go back because they emphasized/showed Peggy too much and when Hulk said they’d return the stones.
Funniest: Fluffy Thor and his shenanigans lmao
Saddest: When the original Avenger actors’ were shown during the credits and had their signatures AND idk why but when Captain America had the hammer. I had feeelingssss :sob:
FUN FACT: My boyfriend got sniffly when they showed Old Man Captain America and him dancing happily with Peggy.


I just saw it, and I loved it.

Captain America has always been my favorite Avenger. His wholesomeness just tugs at my heart. I went into this very afraid he would die, but I liked the conclusion we got to his story. EXCEPT it does raise one question. The implication was that he stayed in the past of the same universe/timeline, not interfering beyond marrying Peggy and leading his private life, and waited to meet up with his friends in the future after all was said and done. That suggests Peggy was always married to some version of Steve, which is quite romantic. Except for, uh… Sharon Carter? If she knew her aunt, she must have known her uncle, yeah? Whyyyy did she grow up to have a crush on Steve? Why did she want to kiss him? Ugh. One can argue that his going back might have altered her role in Cap’s story, but that doesn’t align with the whole point of going back being to sync up the timeline(s).

Other than that, I loved almost everything else about it. I was glad to see the beloved “erased” characters return. The cavalry arriving had me crying. And Dr Strange might be my new favorite. I also like the potential of Thor joining the Guardians. I was less impressed, sadly, with Thor’s unconvincing fat suit. I don’t mind the idea of his weight gain as a result of his depression and new lifestyle, but I got very tired of the constant fat jokes at the expense of someone who was clearly experiencing a major trauma. And the part of me that always has and will love Loki hopes that some alternate-universe version of him uses the tesseract to make a future appearance, though it doesn’t seem likely. :sob:


SAME!! I wish we had more scenes with the people who faded away or whatever, Dr. Strange is so cool and he barely had three lines.

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Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

About my wondering if Loki is still alive out there.

I only just learned Disney’s new streaming service is going to have a Loki series STARRING TOM HIDDLESTON???

I just died. This message has been brought to you by my ghost.


I’m thinking there has to be separate timelines/universes? But the story is just focused on this “reality”. The whole thing was confusing to me lol, but that’s my best guess.


Yeah, I think the Loki series would be a different timeline/universe. When Cap returned the space stone, he would have brought it to the 1950s. So there’s still a universe out there with a major departure from the main one, where Loki escapes in 2012 with the tesseract.

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Okay I love Tony so so much like aside from Strange he is my favourite character and I full on CRIED when he died even though we all new he was gonna die. I’m legit such a softie, cried when Antman saw Cassie, cried when Black Widow died, cried when Cap gave his shield to Sam. BUT LETS BE REAL WE ALL KNEW CAP COULD PICK UP MJOULNIR but didn’t expect the Russos to actually do it! The whole cinema was SCREAMING. Tbh the funniest part was Fat Thor telling some kid on Fortnite he was a weasel. And when the girls all came together… It was awesome. When Thor said “I went for the head” literally the whole cinema was screaming. Omg there’s so much I could talk about but can’t fill up to much :joy:

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I haven’t seen it and I saw this thread well crap

I warned you… lol

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welp as long as doctor Strange lives then i’m good

Okay, so this time around it was said there was no after credit scene. But instead of a scene there was a sound.

Did anyone stay to listen to it? Because it vaguely sounded like a hammer beating against something metal. Like something you would hear in a blacksmith’s shop.

That sound coupled with the fact my mother later pointed out to me Steve didn’t come back with Mjölnir when he went to return the stones to their places

What happened to Mjölnir???