Discussion: Babysitting The Bad Boy



What are everyone’s thoughts on Babysitting The Bad Boy?


It is good episodes are short sometimes but it is good!


Same! I just finished the final episode!


If you are looking for another story this is my favorite you might have read it.
My Psycho
Great story :slightly_smiling_face:


OOOH! I’ll dentally read it! I hope Babysitting The Bad Boy gets a sequel!


Me too!


What did you like best about it?


I liked how it was the parents idea for them to fall in love with each other :joy: that part made me laugh a lot and how the mc became famous that was cool. You?



I like how MC’s REAL mom turned out to be Mia!


I don’t want to read it because of the title.


It’s a good story, trust me. I finished the 50th chapter today. I thought the same as you at first.


I’ll give it a try but… What does it offer differently than all the thousands of other bad boy stories??


A friendship with the bad boy early on :wink:




It’s not for me. I can’t get over the fact the mom will pay thousands of dollars for a teenage girl to take care of a straight teenage bad boy. It’s very unrealistic. But to each their own.


So good!!!
The bad boys stories are so beloved for a reason!
Obsessed :heart_eyes::cupid: