DISCUSSION: Bad Boys/Girls, Mafia, Pregenancy, and More! on Episode

Hey! :heart: So this is a topic that has been up for discussion many times, on the forums and outside it. We all know the prominent clichés that have been dominating the Top User Stories + Featured Stories on Episode such has bad boys (or, once every 100 books, girl), mafia/gangs, pregnancy, and makeover stories.

I have a few questions regarding these which I’m hoping could open up a discussion and maybe help some new authors to avoid or put a unique twist on these clichés! I love hearing everyone’s opinions on the forums and hope to open up a lot of other diverse topics to discuss if this one works.

Feel free to skip over as many questions as you’d like!

1. Would you read an extremely well-written story revolving around one (or more) of these clichés?

2. Have you ever read a story based on one(or more) of them with a unique twist? If so, name the story and maybe tag the author! Could make their day! :grin:

3. What twists would you like to see in bad boy/girl stories?

4. Do you feel as though mafia/pregnancy stories have inaccurately represented the reality of those two? If so, in what ways? And how would you recommend fixing this problem to writers who wish to write such stories?

5. What piece of advice would you give new (or even experienced!) writers who want to write stories heavily involving those clichés?

Be as honest as you’d like, just please refrain from being rude in any way! Happy writing and reading!



I feel that if you want to write those kind of stories don’t make to predictable or too overrated

I agree with you there! I personally have no problem reading any of those stories if they have a good twist.

I actually can’t find Ivy on Google Play, I JUST heard about it. Is it out yet?

I want to see that more too! Minus the asshole personality and the sexual abuse, though.

Me too! Them AND the ones that are :air_quotes: badass :air_quotes: who rage at the slightest inconvenience. I want to see characters who are more realistic and have more depth!

It’s fine!! I had fun reading it, I love hearing opinions. Thank you, same to you if you’re writing one! I just hope I could finish the entry in time for the contest :sweat_smile:

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okay thank you!

Absolutely, I’ve read many stories with cliche topics that have turned out to be some of my favorites. The Doberman (by Meesza) and Pregnant By a Nerd (by Trisha) come to mind. I have to be honest, when I came across the title "Pregnant By a Nerd, I might have rolled my eyes but reading it has really changed by perception of cliche topics.

I’ve been using PBAN as a reference point for whenever I find myself avoiding a story simply because of its topic and it’s allowed me to discover so many great stories that I wouldn’t have found had it not been for an open mind.

(On a side note: If you haven’t read Pregnant By a Nerd before, do yourself a favor and read it! It’s the literal epitome of an extremely well-written story revolving around a notorious cliche.)

i’ll definitely give it a read when I can!