What are your opinions on Bad Boys, I know I’ve already made a thread like this, but that was only a poll. I want a discussion this time. I like Bad Boys, but not if their assholes all the way through.

For example, in ISWAB, I customized Alec to look attractive to me, and then I customized Dylan to look attractive to me, and even then, I kept going for Alec. Eventually, I got bored of his dickiness, and started to go for Dylan because it stopped being funny flirting and started to be annoying so I gave up. Even when Alec started to be nice again, I still went for Dylan because i just thought of Alec as a dick rather than a Bad Boy.

However, I still really like Bad Boys as long as they’re not always awful people. I think of bad boys as people who don’t follow rules, are rebellious and daring, not assholes and bullies.

What are your opinions?


I totally agree with you!


Thank you!!


I totally understand what you mean.
If the “bad boy” is just mean without any reason or so, then I don’t like him. But if there’s a past or any reason for him being “bad” and he’s different when you get to know him and he starts to trust you, then I love him!


yes!!! a sad back story always changes my opinions on people!

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I know in a lot of stories I read there is two love interest one being a bad boy and the other quite a gentleman but the bad boy seems to be more of asshole. But sometimes they are only acting like that due to something in past which I can understand.


yeah, like they’ve been hurt and don’t wanna let their guard down

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Yes. I know for some reason if there is a back story then my whole opinion on someone changes.

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in my story, the love interests are golden boy and bad boy, but the bad boy isn’t an asshole, just a trouble maker, and he has a reason why


it doesn’t have to be really sad, but if he saw his friends failing with the “good boy” image and decided to act like a bad boy then I’m totally into him. if he’s good deep down in his heart but can’t show it at the beginning


have you read ‘Dangerous Love’ (or it used to be called ‘Juvie’) ??

I love Cade from that story

in my story, the bad boy just thinks he has to act this way so nobody sees he’s hurt, but in front of his family he’s really caring and all that

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oh yes, I’ve read it when it was called Juvie and I loved it

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Cade has a sad story, and a heart of gold! He’s such a sweetheart

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I understand, but I think there’s a difference between a bully/murderer and a bad boy/rebel

thank. you.

felt like i was the only one

am i the only one who really enjoyed ISWAB

To me, there’s a difference between a “bad boy” and “abusive asshole” and Carver would fall into the second category (in my opinion).


like i said, bad boys can be merely rebellious trouble-makers, they don’t necessarily have to be murderers and violent people, do you agree @EliseC