DISCUSSION: Bad Love Interests

Almost every story on Episode contains love interests. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just infuriating. Some love interests even make you click off the story and never read it again, I know I have. That being said…

What love interests are you sick of seeing in Episode? (Dont just give me bad boy or golden boy ples)

And what love interests do you want to see more of in Episode?


An average guy, no he isn’t the quarter back, no he isn’t popular, he is just a guy that would hang out with his boys 24/7.


A love interest that actually has chemistry with the Mc. Most of them are about the girl just having a crush on the guy and just to have a happy ending, they get together even though they aren’t a good couple. :sweat:


I’m sick of toxic a-holes who talk down to the MC, tell her who she can and can’t date (usually while sleeping around himself), boss her around, get pissy when she exercises any kind of autonomy, snipe at her because he’s a “bad boy” who doesn’t have to be nice, and just generally doesn’t know how to mind his own business. He probably comes on really strong sexually and pins her against a wall at some point.

I’d like to see… basically the opposite of that. Someone kind and supportive who’s honest and responsible. Maybe a little bit goofy. Not sexually aggressive, someone who respects consent. If they get jealous over nothing, they realize it’s THEIR issue and not because the MC owes them her love.


A loner who dresses in darker clothing. Hes snarky/sarcastic(not a douche) and teaseful to the MC(not in a sexual way at all)

MC:“how the heck did we get involved with (insert situation)”(knows exactly how they ended up in this situation)

LI: “Your friend signed us up after you let her inyour house at 9 at night” (smirks) “or did we forget that?”

He is an introvert and doesnt use stupid nicknames “love/bae/baby/princess etc”

He expresses love/affection by actions(bringing you food x3) or saying something unitentionally loving
LI:(walks through the door of house) “im home”
MC:(goes to greet him) welcome home
(Insert remote area as they are doing a job)
LI:(enters dank cave while MC isnt there)
MC:(walks in)
LI: “im home”

Idk u get the idea…

He has his own hobbies and shows a passionate side to his LI(buts very short with everyone he doesnt know…maybe outta akawardness? Not in a rude way)

Random person: “Hey. How are you whatd u do this week?”
LI: “nothing…out of the ordinary”

MC: “hey. How was ur weekend?”
LI: “Fine.(insert a lil more detail about his day)”

no hes not a bad boy

Idk…thts the best i can explain(ignore the bad dialouge >-<)


I get what you mean. I know a friend who is writing a love interest like that for her upcoming story. :wink:


Ooh keep me updated please. And thanks…im bad at explaining


I’ll let you know when her story is out.

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This is spot on. It’s actually quite degrading that young girls like to read this stuff a lot of the time. There are good stories with positive LIs out there, just gotta dig deep and find them :joy:


Honestly I sometimes get tired of the player LI’s so the boys who are overly confident and flirt 24/7 with the MC. Apparently because they are a player they happen to have so many “experience” in the dating area.

I would really love to see more LIs who isn’t as experienced, and is shy/awkward when it comes to love.


Can you keep me updated to?
I would love to Read there story :blush:

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Sure :slight_smile:

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I am sick of seeing of seeing fast romances. He looked at me with his blue-green eyes, grinning and I melted. Is this really a start of a romance story? As for love interests I hate abusive people who get romanticized because they are hot and charming. I don’t want to see a psychopath, chocking a girl and being called after.
I want to see slow burn relationships. People that know each other, but never really noticed each other. I want to see that. Cute characters.


The likelihood I will be at all invested in a LI is usually inversely proportional to how much his introduction as a character focuses on his physical attractiveness.


I’m very rarely taken in by LIs (maybe I’m a picky reader, maybe somewhere on the demiromantic/aromantic spectrum, I don’t know) but one story that really took me in was Iridescent by Indigo. A very slow-burn that really gave a look into the complex minds of the characters. A LI who definitely isn’t perfect, and deals with his problems in less-than-ideal ways without being abusive or sexually aggressive. A LI who has a life outside of being into the MC.

That’s just one example, but in general, it’s great to see LIs who are good but not perfect, and most importantly, feel like a human rather than something out of a cheap movie. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s always like this:
A boy who is popular is with a girl who is also popular and mean in the school and she thinks she is better then everyone!!

Then the MC will just walk on school she will bump into the popular guy he will do mean

He will break with his gf and will love the MC

But I want this:

Does he have to be popular?

NO absolutely not!!!
He just have to be sweet, cute, handsome!!


Possessive LI’s make me uncomfortable especially when they’re supposed to be the “good one” or the golden boy in comparison to bad boy/evil ex. I don’t get how when the ex is controlling but when the golden boy restricts the MC he “cares about you so much”?

And there’s a HUGE difference between being protective of someone and literally saying “you belong to me/I own you”. This isn’t romantic idk why writers do this!