DISCUSSION: (Billie Eilish): Bury a friend

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For those of you who don’t know, WHO is Billie Eilish?

*Billie Eilish is a pop teen singer. She has amazing and meaningful songs, but some of her songs can be amazingly **dark**. Everyone loves her and so do I. She has amazing songs like **Ocean eyes, Bellyache, Watch, ETC**. She's only 17 but is also a breathtaking artist.* [spoiler]If you've never listened to one of her songs you should! Recommend Bellyache[/spoiler] **********

On to the topic: Bury a Friend

Recently, Billie came out with “bury a friend” which was #1 on trending and right now currently is still trending. So, the music video is a lot to take in all at once. At some parts her eyes are fully black and at some parts she kind of hung. It seems very dark at a lot of parts. Many viewers wondered it had something to with the Devil, and a lot of the comments were people sounding a little concerned on what they had watched. The part with needles in her back myself gave me the shivers because why would it not? So now, I want you guys to respond to me and answer my questions… if you will?

Do you like Billie in general?

What do you think about the lyrics of this song

What do you think about the video?

What would you rate the overall song 1-10?

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Yeah it looks like something that involves the devil or possession but honestly idc anymore.

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1.) yes, i do like her. she seems nice.

2.) creepy. a lot of people are saying it’s about her selling her soul to the Illuminati (conspiracy theories)

3.) I just listened to the music, but it probably was creepy as well

4.) I’m not going to give this a song a rating… I see myself getting into this song, but I don’t really like the style. I only like the chorus and when she says “ahh”.

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  1. Yes

  2. They’re catchy and deep tbh

  3. It’s um… yea

  4. 898764310987655

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I’ve heard a few of her songs and like them so yeah she’s coolio.

Honestly it hit me in my feels because honestly with a guy in my life her lyrics are like the same kinda things I’m thinking.

It was preety cool! I love the creepiness it showed me makes me wanna watch a horror movie.

8 I’m more of a fast beat kinda person but I love the meaning to her song.

I LOVE BILLIE EILISH SHE IS A QUEEN!! AND MY PROFILE HAS BEEN HER FANART FOR SO LONGG AND I LOVEEEEEEEe HER NEW SONG BURY A FRIEND, I WAS WAITING ALL DAY FOR IT TO COME OUTTTT AND IT WAS PRETTY GOOODDDDDD and I did think the part had something to do with selling her soul to the devil but idk for sure but the music was great as well as the art in the music video and the visuals were perfect!! Loved the songggg sooo muchhh. I rate it a 9-10 though!

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this is a little off topic, but earlier I was reading an interesting article.

it talked about the rise of “emo pop” artists like Billiez
apparently their popularity reflects how the younger generations nowadays has a very depressive and angsty outlook on life.

the song is definitely an example of that. it’s so dark. like that scene where she had all those syringes in her back was. wow.

i thought it was interesting how the music popular today says so much about its listeners.

Do you like Billie in general?
She seems alright, her voice is really pretty. I don’t actively search for her songs, but if they come on, I don’t turn them off.

What do you think about the lyrics of this song?
Definitely though out and poetically put together. Some singers today just throw words together with a catchy tune, but this song isn’t one of those types.

What do you think about the video?
Honestly, someone needs to cast Billie in a horror movie. She’d probably love that.

What would you rate the overall song 1-10?
Maybe a seven?

guys, I just wanted to point out that her brother seems very talented too. he cowrites a lot of her songs, but not a lot of people seem to know about him. I think he wrote Ocean Eyes fro Billie.

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I like Billie but the song was way too vocaloid ish for me it sounded like robots the entire time.

I love Billie Eilish, I’ve never been able to stop listening to her music every since I started (only like a year or two, I’m not a hardcore fan, I just enjoy her music.)

I’m in love with the creepy vibe from her new album, and I especially loved “bury a friend” because of it’s vibe and vocals. Her vocals are so freaking good, and I love the kinda breathy, slurred type of singing. Plus, I’m really into horror and thriller stuff (except horror movies, i CANNOT handle jumpscares. ever)!

I thought the video was really well produced and how it matched with the song, giving it more meaning. There are people who don’t enjoy this concept and complain about how creepy or scary it is (i mean i don’t blame them), but I find this concept really intriguing and I can’t want to hear more of the album. Obviously a lot of people aren’t a fan of the theme, but I guess that’s understandable since it’s a bit different to her old concept behind “don’t smile at me” album. Plus, there are people who have fears of needles and such, so the video might’ve been a bit… shocking? idk

Personally, I’d rate it 10 just because it’s my new favourite song now, and it’s honestly the perfect for my style of music. Plus I can sing along because it doesn’t contain anything too extreme (vocal-wise)! As said, I absolutely love her vocals and how she can manipulate and control her voice so well. Even without using a wide vocal range, she can still manage to convey so much emotion and sing so effortlessly! I also love the meanings behind her songs, and how genuine and honest she is in her songs (possibly irl too? from what i’ve watched anyway).

Oh my gosh yes😞

Billie is my queen ok ok she’s like so pretty and funny and talented and her music is so badass and her new song bury a friend has me crying just wow

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i LOVE this reply

The song “bury a friend” is about her sleep paralysis…
for the people who don’t know what the song Is about

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I used to really like Billie but know I cringe a little thinking how her marketing team probably pushes her to release dark sounding songs because that’s their target audience. Personally, I like her older songs (which aren’t so strange).

Another thing that kinda bothers is that I think a lot of people who listen to her think they are “different,” and I think its completely okay for a lot of people to like one artist, but I don’t understand why some find they should start saying they are “depressed,” as if its some sort of trend.
I’m not saying everyone does this, but this is just the vibe I get idk.

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i highly doubt this is true

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I just feel like the music industry does this a lot, especially since when she started to get more fans, her music became much darker. I’m just curious to know more about what you think.

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it’s pretty clear she’s going through a dark time, as said so herself, hence why she’s creating darker music. nothing about her label, although it is a theory that they are pushing her

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I don’t doubt that she’s going through a dark time. I just think her label wants her to write more about it and try to market off of it. Then some of the people who listen to it start thinking its cool or something. I don’t mean everybody, but I just think its annoying.



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