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So… what did you think of the movie Bird Box? A lot of people seemed to hate it. I liked it

Bird Box was fantastic.

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Can’t wait to see your opinions :wink:



Wasn’t a fan. I mean…wasn’t bad…but wasn’t my thing.


I haven’t watched it… I feel like I need to catch up lol I’ve been seeing stuff about it everywhere


i liked it but it seemed a tad overrated… but still i thought it was a creative idea to portray through a movie!

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I never watched it and don’t plan onto. Some of my friends the ending was trash so no thanks :no_good_woman:t4:‍♀ Imma wait until Cinema Sins reviews it in a video. :ghost:

I loved the movie Bird Box. I watched it in day time.
Because I thought it was scary but it was fine.
A good movie to watch.


I LOVED it! I’m glad it went for the happy ending route instead of doing some predictable twist. It felt realistic.


Never watched it

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Same I gotta watch it now lol

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What’s it even about? :joy:

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update: watching it now

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Tell me how it goes

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ok :grin:

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It could’ve had a better ending… But why is it so popular? I swear every conversation I have with my friends goes back to that movie.

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I think it might’ve been better if Tom never died.


I haven’t actually saw it, yet.

Watched it on Netflix :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I never want to watch that, it looks overrated and if I watch it I will fell like it wasted my time

Choco I’m still watching it. Can you send me some rap snacks?

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True! :sob: