Discussion: BIRD BOX


it was interesting, however boring

Girl/Olympia is so precious omg


Girl I gotcha!


Apparently the author didn’t bother creating an answer to “where does the creatures come from”, I lost all my interest, I’ll probably watch it this week. But I’m not too in it



Like , if im broke and can’t be bothered to go to the movies, I’ll be on YouTube letting CINEMA SINS spill da tea


Exactly lol.


And I haven’t watched Bird box , is it good?


I’M SCARED idk if I can watch this!!!


It gets really violent, just whenever you think someones going to die close your eyes.

Or put on a blind fold. :rofl:


Haha I was thinking of putting on a blind fold.


I liked it. I was just disappointed that Trevante Rhodes was converted he did not make it. :sleepy:


I saw it just now! My favorite character died though…:cry::cry:


Oh HELL NAW this movie is cRaZY


It really was.
I may never leave my house again without a blindfold.


I just got up to the part where the man with the accent has a bunch of drawings of some black stuff. NOOOPPPE NOT TODAY!


The next couple of scene will freak you out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’ll be hearing from me then lmaoo


Bish, screw him! I think everyone hates Olivia.


Oh no, is that a spoiler?


Nope. I just hate her.


Hmm…okay. So far I think she’s okay
it’s that creepy man