Discussion: BIRD BOX


Which part are you at?


WHERE THAT fucking CREEPY MAN is opening the windows and blinds


Of course they go into labor at the same time.


I know!!! It’s cute how the babies are the same age


Ikr! I love the kids. It’s so sweet. Just wait.:blush:


Okay :slightly_smiling_face:


Haven’t watched it, but i probably will with my cousin’s. I’ll tell u my opinion then. I’ve found some spoilers about that one character dying but it’s fine cus my cousin already spoiled that part.


I friggin loved this movie. Not my favorite in the world, but the ending got me :sob:

I watched it on Christmas Morning with my family. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Perfect family movie.:+1:t5:
I watched it with mine too.:grin:


@Chocolate_Mama I never got to finish it. I had like 40 minutes left. But I do like it. It’s crazy. It reminds me of like a supernatural 2 hour episode lol. It keeps you out of your seat that’s for sure


Hmmmm thanks girl I’ll look into it!


You want me to give you a little synopsis of the movie?


Heck yes please


I didn’t see the movie but the trailer and it looks interesting


So there’s these creatures that you can see and they remind you of something that you feel guilty about. Enough to make you suicidal. Or you hear a voice or see someone you love who has passed. And this has been happening all over in Europe and i think Russia. So lots of people are killing themselves. And the movie is based on a pregnant women. I’m trying not to tell to much, but that’s all i’m gonna say


Oof now that sounds crazy!


Yup so warning: might make you a little more crazy lmao


Is that possible for me? :joy:


hmmm :grin:


What is a bird box?