Discussion: BIRD BOX


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I think it’s a great movie. They had to kill the black people first…but that’s in every horror movie. Overall, I think it’s good & it teaches you a message


Sameeeeee. I feel the same way. I think the Asian (Craig I think) died first and then the scared clerk. Then all the shiz went down once Liv and herself opened the door for Gary.:sob:
I liked it when Tom won the gun match with him.

Sorry for spoilers.


Tbh, Tom should’ve lived. But you know…
I actually enjoyed the movie


Same. He was literally my favorite
It was.


Really reminded me of the movie The Happening in many ways.


I liked that one also.


how the hell are people calling it overrated when they’ve never watched smh.


B I G M O O D.


What I didn’t get was why the Impregnate (Blonde) Lady. Had let that man in. Like, I know you have a heart sweet heart but this man is going to make you kill your self and literally she had let that sick man. Inside the house for her to die afterwords the birth of her child.


Gary was my favourite. Acting = phenomenal. Especially when it turned out he was crazy.


He was my least favorite. But everyone have their opinions. :woman_shrugging:t2:


To be fair, she didn’t KNOW he was going to kill her and the others. And she had her reasoning at least?


ho was ur fav then


Thomas :cold_sweat:


You have a point.


Lol my brother was watching the movie mid way and was so pissed. He was like “JUST TAKE OFF YOUR BLINDFOLD”. :joy::joy:




I loved it, I watched it with my sister and whenever the monsters came she would close her eyes and my mom started closing all the windows after.

I really took stuff from it, like Imagine if this happened in real life, where something we are so used to doing is just taken away from us.



But TOM is a real one. One of my favourites.