Discussion: BIRD BOX


He really was. The movie would have been much better if he survived.


He actually died much earlier in the book so we got more than what was needed, but yeah, he was great.


There’s a book? Guess who’s not reading it.:joy:
I’m sorry, I think the movie would have been at least a bit more decent if half of the people that died survived. Like Tom of course, Douglas, idk, Craig maybe…? And imagine if Lydia had survived.


That pregnant blonde woman was to blame in my opinion, her and Cheryl. Why would you let GARY into your home? I understand hormones and everything, but those hormones got you KILLED and Cheryl why did you hit DOUGLAS? If Douglas and Tom had both survived they would be F I N E. And don’t get me started on Lucy and Felix? Where tf did they run too??! I hope they had fun hooking up in the kitchen :neutral_face: before they eventually reached their demise.


Ikr! Douglas should have killed him then and there.
FOR REAL! WHY WOULD THEY TAKE THE CAR?? It’s gonna run out of gas sooner or later! I bet they’re dead.
Tom letting Gary survive was… not the best move for him. He officially became my favorite when he managed to get the gun from Gary and shoot him, even though the point was facing him. And the fact that he fought the “monster” when it was possessing him and he managed to shoot the guy and then shoot him self. That shows true power.:ok_hand:t5::muscle:t5:


I just finally watched it and found this thread again. I watched it with my mama and it was amazing! I didn’t see that coming and from the start it was insnae! She was just like:”You leave those blindfolds on!” And I’m like ZAMNNNNNN OKAY! But gee willy! It was insnae and Charlie! Ugh love him! He was so brave and honestly the whole story was great I just wonder if they’ll ever go back to a normal life. Psh the zombie apocalypse seems like a cake walk compared to bird box :rofl: at least you can see!


I’ve seen part of the movie today, and it’s not what I’d expected. It has a hidden message within it that people don’t understand . I wouldn’t watch it a million times.


Hidden message? :thinking:Do tell.


It’s kind of hard to explain.


I really didn’t like it, but it was watchable.


Oh ok. Was just curious. The message I felt it had to do with people who suffer from suicidal thoughts and mental illness. And the reason why we could not see the creatures is that suicide and mental illness have no face.


I thought the message was about motherhood? Like when she goes down the river, she’s unprepared, has a few bumps on the way and has to deal with incompetent children? That’s what Sandra Bullock (the main actress) said.


It was ok. I liked the message, but some of the memes are annoying though.


There isn’t really any creatures. It’s just a wind of darkness. I don’t think mental illnesses has anything to do with it, but the wind does mess with their mind & it over takes them. There’s a word for that, but I am not going to say it.


Actually, there was creatures. The film creators were actually going to show them but to show everyone’s individual fear would ruin the fear. Not add to it


I love how girl was like:”I’ll look!” And she just was like oh dang no no. Like wow that was a hard thing to try and sacrifice honestly. But I love how she just came together with both the kids almost had me to tears


Girl is so cute! Shame she wasn’t named Ariel or Jasmine like her Mother wanted.


I don’t know I guess… but that’s what I think.


It’s my intake of it. I wonder what the creator was going for.


It’s based on a book I heard, but both the book and movie has a hidden meaning in it. A lot of people don’t understand what the move really is about.