DISCUSSION: Blatantly Ignoring Posts

Hi, I don’t know about you but I am over people being rude on Episode Forum, when I am on the forum I always look at the latest updates of posts that come through and I always go for the people that have had 0 replies for a long period of time because I think it isn’t fair to leave that person hanging especially if it is in a particular thread. The reason I make sure I do that is because I am fed up with people ignoring mine, and the thing that gets me is I can see views so if I see 6 or more views then surely one of those people can give me an answer to what I am asking or needing. Like I have said in the past it is not that hard to say sorry saw your post but I am not sure let me see who does, also just a side note I am not asking a really hard question, well for me it is since I can’t solve it hence why I am posting in the first place. I am sure I am not the only one here that this has happened to, so on behalf of them and myself just please do the common courtesy and respond,


K. i saw your post and now i did the common courtesy and replied. is that good enough for you now :expressionless::expressionless::upside_down_face::crazy_face:… My personal opinion people expect way too much… getting a little upset over not get a reply but getting views…like oooookkkkkaaayyyyy. get over it…mainly everyone is a new writer they dont know much and if they are familiar with how things work keep in mind that they wont be able to reply to you ASAP youre not the only one with the same problem, and they will most likely be busy helping others, and/ or busy working on their own stories, or busy with their daily lives that do not consist of being on the forums. At the top of the screen :arrow_upper_right: there is a magnifying glass :mag: search for what you need and read through the thousands of replies to see if people have already asked for what you need…they probably may have already…and if you have already done that and you still see nothing then maybe then you should create a thread saying soo i looked everywhere blah blah blah and nothing so i was wondering if anyone know how to blah blah blah

But if you need help check these threads out most of the questions people ask have already been ask and the answers are probably somewhere down i the replies.


I don’t think it’s about ignoring posts. If people don’t think they have anything to add, they’re not gonna comment because forum rules and going off topic and everything. Plus, we’re not obligated to reply to posts :sweat_smile:


I will often view posts but just not know how to reply especially since most of them deal with hard coding.


It’s not always the case though. Sometimes people just don’t know how to answer your question or don’t have anything to add or contribute but want to read what other people say. Maybe they even have the same questions as you so they view your topic to see if anyone has given a solution yet?

Also, if everyone replied to every single topic, we’d probably end up with a lot of spam and off-topicness :woman_shrugging:


The Queen has spoken :clap: :sparkling_heart:

Yeah, so true, people view topics to see what others say. I mean, there’s even an achievement for reading over 100 replies in a thread :smile:


Closed by OP request.