I like the new cover’s art style. The disembodied arm is a bit weird, but the girl looks cool. She looks more badass and less “drain me with your big sexy teeth, Mr. Vampire.”

The MC talked a lot about her dad in this episode, and I don’t recall him being mentioned before, unless I missed something. It’s very possible I just tap too quickly or check out mentally at some of the details in this story.


I think he was mentioned in the first episode wanting to get away from the town when they first moved.


The gem choice was essentially not essential to the plot. The scene after the Party is the same scene if you didn’t pick the party

BTW, what about the gem scene when MC discovers Sylvia’s secrets with whoever she chose?

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Also, how did anyone think about the backstory reveal in Episode 8? I’m still a bit confused on Mr Baer’s And MC’s relations and how there is almost an incest scare?

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Not shocked(few weeks ago i called the bizzare skintone change…)

Am I the only one who really likes Roxie(style and personality) I wish we could hang with her ha


She is cool, so I don’t get how much she has in the plot so far, Unless she is the bad vampire

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BTW, the new update really makes me want new piercings soon. And that Episode is saying twins are attractive now

Unpopular Opinion

Blood lust is a stupid story, and the directing is just plain bad. Not only is the plot messy, but it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe the directing is good for an episode story, but I’ve seen fair better directing in a community story.
I wouldn’t waist my money, gems, or time on this story.

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I felt like I was being gaslit through this entire episode. When the new kids came to school, the guy walked right up and kissed the MC on the cheek? Wtf? Even if they weren’t vampires that should be enough reason for my friends to support me in sitting out their party. Also, was Heath drooling all over them for everyone this episode, or was it that way because I’ve been nicer to Mason?


Its the best feature story we have had in a long time

And best being used loosely


I mean I can’t argue. I kinda liked College-ish, but I really feel like the creators of the platform should be making quality stories. Especially with all the hidden things they have from us.

They can have multiple people work on a project, or just plan! Like it seems like they are just throwing things in.

A ball? Are you’ll just trying to show off all the hidden things we are missing out on. Also, how much time has passed? The first day of school to Homecoming came real quick.


So true
Pacing sucks in these stories…it doesnt help the plot either…


But yeah, this is just another reason why I read community stories.

They really do, and choices just don’t matter. At ALL! I could treated them like trash and they would still date me.

Their personality are so basic. When I write and read I get attacked to my characters. This is just something I read when I need passes.

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Yeah this ep. was bizzare suddenly everyones doing a 180 saying the MC s crazy…and a hater…

And now Heath is just following along?

Those 2 vampires came on waaay too strong instant suspcion should have been on everyones minds


People in these stories are just stupid. Like the signs are there.

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Also the fact that they are charging for hair now! That really turned me off if the story.



Episodes can do way better wth their featured stories. If thts my first impression of the app why would I bother to keep reading other non featured work

Then they guilt u into not getting gem outfits/hair

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Exactly. how are you going to hide all the good stories. I I had to do the trial I would delete the app.
I hate to be rude to authors, but this story just isn’t it.

Let me stay on topic so I don’t get flagged. Smh

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