DISCUSSION: Blue Whale Challenge

Please be extremely careful, and cautious. An author just received a message from this unknown person named blue challenge, or something like that, if you also received a message from that person, DO NOT RESPOND, BLOCK, DELETE. If you need to put your Instagram on private, do it, be cautious and careful.


yeah, I’ve heard of this. Apparently if u open the message they hack ur account and force you to do inhumane challenges, that I won’t speak of on here :grimacing::grimacing: Stay safe y’all!!!

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this stuff makes me sick.

:blob_sun: Thank You So Much For Warning Us!! Is It Just On Instagram? It Sounds Kinda Scary :blob_sun:

86eaa1a607a9dec2b4b0a5b4c6c38424 :blob_sun: I Will Help Pass On The Message Don’t Worry! :blob_sun:
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