Discussion: Body Positivity

So I was watching a show on Netflix “Insatiable” probably one of the worst things I have ever encountered. I haven’t seen a more toxic character than her even though the show is supposed to be satire,I do not find anything about it funny.
Out of topic.
Anyways the main protagonist was in a pageant ,and there was another girl a plus size girl that was also taking place in the beauty pageant. I really liked her,she seemed very confident in herself and her size.But something she said made me lose respect.
I don’t remember what it was so don’t quote me on this but she basically said that people can vote her if they want to see someone who doesn’t eat carrots and rice cakes.And her comment really triggered me.
For a person that clearly feels confident in her skin,she clearly couldn’t hold he urge to say something shitty about other’s eating habits.
So yeah being skinny is not a bad thing they all say, but why do skinny people get shamed all the time?
I know people, i see them.
When they talk about a fat person,they will never tell them something about their weight,and if they will they won’t call the person fat, they will sugarcoat it. But for a skinny person, calling them anorexic,bony, and etc. is never a problem.Why?
If you support body positivity,you should support all body types.
God,don’t get me started on all the posts I see. “This is beautfiul” pointing to a person with some extra weight, “This is not” on a person that is skinnier.Why not? Why isn’t the other person as beautiful? If the roles were switched everyone would get crazy over the post.But what? Just because being skinny is not bad they should all be shitty to them?
And no, I am not talking because I have a problem with fat people. I think every size is beautiful if it’s healthy .And those who are extremely obese or underweight or dangerously unhealthy i am not saying anything bad,it’s just not beautiful because they are destroying their lives ( I am too because of my horrible eating habits).But it’s beautiful to see them try getting healthy.
I find it extremely hypocritical,ignorant and plain stupid to try and be like " oh i support plus size people,and body positivity" but calling a skinny person “not curvy”,“stick” or anything else. It can be discouraging. Because you may think that it’s not an insult but the person hearing those words is probably too fed up with all the comments like “Do you even eat”, " Are you anorexic" and stuff like that. If you joke with your friends and KNOW THAT IT’A MUTUAL JOKING then do you boo.We do that too with my friends,but 100% for fun and no one gets hurt.
But don’t shame other about their weight.
Don’t shame fat people.
Don’t shame skinny people.
(Body positivity and supporting them,is not only being fat or skinny. It can be scars, celittute a problem with the body and so much more.
PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT BODY POSITIVITY IS ONLY ABOUT FAT OR SKINNY people. I Just wanted to discuss this particular thing.
Tell me your opinion.


I mean I understand this. Like for me it always stings when someone calls me anorexic or that I have “chicken legs” but at the same time, people have been praising skinny people for so long. And let’s be honest, “being thin” is still the most popular body type, I mean most models, actresses and musicians are admired for having skinny bodies. I have struggled with eating for some time now and I hate it. And I do think that comment was insensitive, and pretty rude tbh. However, I see many more people fat shaming others than I do people “skinny-shaming” I also think that body shaming is something that is considered toxic no matter what body type you have. Please don’t consider this offensive or hateful, I am not trying to be either of those things. :sparkling_heart:


I can’t stress how annoying this comment is :roll_eyes:

I use to want to throw hands with everybody who made comments like this to me.

I agree with this.

I hate body jokes. Whether their jokes or not. I hate them.


I agree.
Yes models are praised for their "skinny " bodies.
But so are plus-sized models right?
I encounter more skinny-shaming. I think everyone believes that they will be offensive,rude,ignorant if they do a comment on a oversized person so they are always careful with their words.But to skinny people, “chicken legs” like you said and other words,never cross their minds that they can hurt someone
But,i like that you explained another opinion.I can agree with it as well!


It’s honestly too crazy to diagnose someone with an eating disorder because of their body shape .


I do agree, it’s not good to be skinny or fat. I’m a skinny person, so I can relate. Being fat can cause diabetes, which ain’t good. But being skinny isn’t good either. If people are trying to gain weight and they are skinny then let them try. Instead of bullying them. I’ve heard this song “All About That Bass”, and it’s offensive towards skinny people. Like, come on, why you have to body shame skinny people. I get that you should feel happy about your weight but it ain’t good either. Being an average weight is the best. Even if you bully a fat person and they are exercising, it still isn’t good. Yes, you should feel happy about your weight, but try to be healthy. At the end of the day being fat or being skinny isn’t really a good thing because it’s unhealthy but not for looks.


I don’t mind being fat or skinny if they are actually still healthy( there are many fat and skinny people that are still healthy)
But yeah.Too many songs and posts that shame another body.
I don’t see their point.
They make me feel pissed.
I am pretty average. I am very short so i always have a bit of extra fat on my stomach.But my eating habits are disgusting. I eat unhealthy all the time. I must sound hypocritical but I feel to drained to try to have a healthy lifestyle.


I totally agree with you. I can’t stand that show as I felt like it is promoting body shaming and poor dieting.
I find it so annoying when people look down on skinny people, it’s absolutely crazy.
Obesity, bulimia and anorexia are all bad as each other and they should not be glorified!
Thin privilege is a myth and fat acceptance shouldn’t be a thing.

Like I’m pretty chubby myself but I’m always working out and have a balanced diet.

Edit: Back to the topic about Insatiable, I think that it glorified a lot of stupid things there like cheating, eating disorders.


I agree so much. Body positivity is important but it doesn’t excuse unhealthy conditions that the weight or under eating can cause to a person. Bullying someone for their weight is disgusting, instead we should be polite or encourage then to get better health in a respectful manner.


There is a fine line between being a bit overweight but still perfectly healthy and obese with many health problems
And the same with skinny people
That’s the fine line between praising others for their body
We shouldn’t praise unhealthy eating habits.
As a person who doesn’t have good eating habits,they shouldn’t be praised.


!!! I agree


Fat /skinny acceptance isn’t about just sitting back and remaining to be unhealthy. It’s about not dehumanizing people because of their weight. I’m not going to lecture or disrespect someone because of their weight. And just because they accept themselves doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to change and be healthier.




Body shaming in general is wrong. I’m currently struggling with eating issues and it’s tough. Most people see “skinny” as perfect but it makes me sad whenever I look in the mirror and I don’t have the “perfect” body.

Stop body shaming, it’s harmful.


Preach it.


I’m not gonna lie, but I enjoyed watching Insatiable. I know that it offends people because it’s a bit misleading, and the main character sets a bad example on girls having to change themselves just to be accepted by other people.


The message within the show it’s good for girls who are struggling with their body image to watch.

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I think she is too manipulative.
In the start even,she wants to talk about how she got bullied about her weight.
She literally ignored and didn’t care about her best friend. In all the episodes I only hear her talking about herself.
Brick. Okay. So she liked him and then while she was high she heard a donut and went for the other dude, breaking brick’s heart and she also had set up the other dude with magnolia to make her feel better for going with her ex boyfriend . Ironic.
Her “forbidden” story with bob. Seriously.She tried multiple times to destroy their relationships,she practically humiliated him telling everyone that bob is gay. I mean yeah he "deserved " it for cheating on his wife,let’s not forget though that his wife cheated on him with thr massager.
Another small moment, which probably no one noticed, when she invited classmates to the roast event and a guy told something to her,she bassed him and called him a nerd. Wow. So much for her getting bullied.
I honestly couldn’t stop watching as well.
But patty needs help.
And i think she is a liar and a manipulator.
Basically all the characters are pretty shit. Cheating on others, doing crazy shit for some pageants.
Stuff like that.


I do agree with you on Patty being a manipulator. I honestly didn’t think they gave enough back story on her being bullied while she was fat. They left some details out about that :woman_shrugging:t4: Don’t even get me started of Bob. I think Insatiable does have some good in it, but the message in it isn’t good for people struggling with body image; especially girls.


I so agree.
At some points i can’t help but feel bad for her , you know the fat shaming , the mother that struggled alone , her father that left her that crazy boy.
But at the same time I don’t
Explaining the shitty things she did, trying to justify them just made me roll my eyes.
I would like her to get help on second season.