Discussion: Bronte about Episode in the App Store

I’ve got to say, congratulations to @Bronte.episode for this awesome spot on the article. It’s nice to see Episode being portrayed as a nice hobby/career/whatever you use it for, and by Apple no less.
BTW, the title is The Virtual Drama Queen :sunglasses:
What do you people think about this?


I’m happy for her :kissing_heart:
She deserves all the recognition that she receives :relaxed:

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she’s amazing :black_heart: congrats to her and her success.

Where can I find the article? I really wanna check it out but I can’t find it

If you have an iPhone go into the app store.
Just search up “episode” then you will see a word that says “superfans” and Bronte photo will be right there.

Aww I have a Samsung :sweat_smile:

Oh shoot. It might be the same case :new_moon_with_face:

take a look at her Instagram she made a post about it with screenshots of the article

Thank you!

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Congrats @Bronte.episode!!