Discussion : Campus Crush


What do you feel about this story?
I personally think that Campus Crush #1 was decent and intriguing and I read the classic one which was over 100 eps but I tried to read about 6 eps of S2 and I was over it cause I wasn’t looking to read the same story again.


I read the old classic version (where it was like 109 or so episodes, and low key every scene was an episode) and found it okay.

But I agree, season two was just a repeat of one,


That’s the one I read too,
Each eps were very short but I thought it was a decent story and then I read a few eps of the sequel and basically different character but same story so I was quickly out.
Shame that Melissa O. didn’t want to remake the plot but instead recycled the first one which was only decent at best.


the main reason why I found episode was because of campus crush (classic) , I don’t think I finished it, it was too long (I think idk)


I’m usually all for sequels and excited but this story did not need a 2nd or 3rd story.
It was fine finishing at the end of 1.
Also if we absolutely needed to get a sequel, it should’ve been a completely brand new concept.


Just the words Campus Crush take me back about three years ago. :joy: I personally think it was an excellent story to get Episode off the ground. Sure, the directing and dialogue was basic, but I was so invested in the plot it didn’t matter. The story didn’t revolve around a love interest and instead something important to the MC, I really wanted to find out what happened to her mother and the college.

I read season 2 and thought it was okay, I only got a few episodes into season 3 before I gave up. I really liked season 1 and could bear season 2, I think it should have stopped after that.:wink:


Oh don’t get me wrong. I do like Campus Crush Season 1.
The original plot was actually quite good and I was on the edge of my seat several times, I just feel that Season 1 should’ve been the end you know.
Season 2 seemed like extremely lazy writing in my opinion and I was sad because I was a fan of Campus Crush in the 1st season


I agree, I feel like season 2 was trying to maintain the former glory of season 1. But by season 3 it was like clutching at straws. :wink:


Exactly. I wouldn’t argue with anyone who calls Campush Crush an amazing story because the first one absolutely was good and it’s a huge story for Episode and one of the firsts I read.
However it should’ve been re constructed. We could’ve found out what happened to the MC from the first story maybe and then had her come back to college only to find out that another girl is having a similar issue to her and they work together?
Something better then what they gave.


Definitely, I’d grown attached to the character I played in season 1 due to it being over over 100 episodes. If it was a continuation or a prequel I might have read a bit more. Campus Crush will always be on my reccomended stories though. :blush:


Wow, Campus Crush was the first ever story I read around 3 years ago :joy:


It was the first story I read when I downloaded episode. It was okay, but there were tons of bugs/messed up branching, and if you tried to join a different sorority other than the one with the popular girls, it eventually got to a point where the story acted like you’d just rushed the popular sorority from the beginning.

Same with the love interests. I was hardcore flirting with this one guy (the RA, I think) but suddenly the game was acting like I was with this other guy who I’d avoided every romantic interaction with. And not like the usual thing of Epiaode forcing a love interest on you - like, the game was assuming I’d made choices that I hadn’t actually made. It was weird and disconcerting.


As Campus Crush was my first story on Episode, I wasn’t that aware on anything, in other words my knowledge about Episode was at zero. So when I started reading it I had that whole new experience feeling and that was actually quite a warm, soothing and exciting feeling.

I liked how the plot wasn’t that cliche. I honestly can’t remember the story now but from what I can recall the MC was a bold character who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Prissy, the president of the sorority that the MC was determined to be accepted into was a bossy and demanding leader, and I remember that whenever the option was granted, I always chose the MC (who I named Katie) to stand up to her.


I remember choosing a name and then a few episodes in, the game kept calling me a different name :rofl:.
I also remember choosing to go on a date with one guy and in the next episode I was on a date with a different guy lol :woman_shrugging:


I remember playing it too, it was the first story and yes the directing/branching is definitely on crack but the episodes were definitely too short but I did enjoy it, it was a good story