Discussion : Celebrities in Stories

How do you feel about Celebrities in stories in the featured stories?
Such as the Demi Lovato, Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier and The Dolan Twins stories or even stories that use popular television shows or movies such as the Pretty Little Liars, Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls and Clueless stories do.

Do you like these type of stories?
Do you think Episode should do more of these type of stories?
And why or why not with your answer.

Im fine with it. But I personally wouldn’t read it. A lot of the stories are based around male characters that are underage celebrities. Not really my thing since I’m not a 13 year old kid. So I would like more variety in that sense. But I don’t really mind since I tend to shy away from featured stories anyways.


Yes I get what you’re saying. I personally do like them but I know what you’re saying.
I do think the stories should stay however cause people discover episode through them. Back in 2015 when I joined episode it was because Demi Lovato promoted her story and the app altogether. So I think they are good stories but easily avoidable if you don’t want to read them.

i’m not a big fan since they’re usually aimed for like 12-13 year olds and don’t really follow their source material. usually they have lots of completely useless gem choices too.

if more were created, I’d prefer them to be a but more mature & make the gem choices worth their price.


I like a lot of the stories that are based off or include a popular tv show/movie, like Means Girls, PLL, Pitch Perfectm and Clueless, but I’m not as big of a fan as the celebrity ones. The Demi one I love, but the other ones like Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier, and the Dolan Twins aren’t so good in my opinion. In the tv/movie ones, you get to be in the show/movie. You get to be in the town like Rosewood in PLL, you get to meet the characters, you get to do things that they do on the show/movie, etc. But on the celebrity ones it’s just a normal story with a a celebrity popping in. It’s just not as interesting.


Fair enough.
I’d say that I enjoy Cameron Dallas & the Dolan Twins and Hayes Grier stories too.
I think the Demi Lovato is Deffo the best celebrity one they ever did tho.
The plot was amazing

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