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I know, I know, it seems stupid to create a topic like this on here, but I want to know you all’s thoughts on this culture that pretty much dominates the US. I don’t think I am making that up. I just disagree with the fact celebrity culture exists because aren’t we all human beings? We does a particular group of human beings get special treatment? I don’t know; those are just my thoughts. Lemme know what you think :slight_smile:


I think Asians including me. Dominate our country.

See this is why I’m not a part of fandoms. I don’t go hardcore when it comes to following these celeb cultures and devoting my life to them. I only worship God, no other celeb. Of course, I love songs (preference for rock/pop punk/metal) and movies (preference for comedy/action) that feature singers/actors however overall, I would treat them as a normal person. I do this with Episode authors, too. I like to treat them the way I treat others. When I had a author who had a lot of reads and was popular in the community follow me, I didn’t shout them out in my IG story. Why? Because if I did, then I’d need to shout out every single person lol
I do shout out people whom I love and appreciate though ^^
I did get excited one time when I met a local politician though :sweat_smile: But after a while, I let those feelings wash away because I don’t like giving people special treatment based on their celeb status.

I save all the special treatment I need to give for the people I love :rofl:


I agree with you :slight_smile: I’m planning on writing a book in the near future about celebrity culture, and I think you’d be interested in reading it.

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What is celebrity culture? I’m a bit uncertain :sweat_smile:

I am terrible at explaining things, so I am going to try my best. Celebrity culture is basically traditional celebrities and social media influencers. They’re all a part of this culture that we call celebrity culture because they basically have power in this world; especially in the US. Along with politics, celebrity culture is big thing.

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I dont think celebrity culture in general is bad. It’s all a means to an end. The more a person is in the spotlight, the more roles in films and sponsorships deals or whatever that person is gonna receive. So I get it. Though it only becomes excessive when followers of this culture will excuse anything the central figure does just because they have they “He/She can do no wrong mentality”.


I completely agree. Of course people in the spotlight are going to influence society somewhat and I think that most celebrities from actors to models have good intentions and are good people. However, there will always be bad apples that get away with everything. Practically because they are “untouchable” and cannot do anything wrong. Even if that wrong deed is an actual crime…

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