DISCUSSION: Closing chat/"spam" threads?

so I’m sure everyone in this lovely section of the forums has heard of the Blog Thread, the 1,000,000 Replys thread, and the Members Only Chat thread. they have all been innocuous and made for pure discussion, but for one reason or another, all of them have been closed (or temporarily closed in the case of the Blog Thread). I know this has already been debated a lot, but what do you guys think about it? do you feel like the reasons behind closing all these threads were good enough to warrant locking them, or do you feel like it’s unfair that the mods are closing these threads?

  • Yes, the mods closing these threads was the right thing to do, and chat/spam threads should not be allowed.
  • No, it is unfair that the mods closed these threads, and chat/spam threads should not be prohibited.

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sometimes, we just need a place to just talk.

we’ve given up song spamming, we’ve given up movie spamming, I think asking for a simple safe space to be able to just freaking talk to each other without fear that we’ll be shut down if we don’t follow some arbitrary “rules” that we have asked for clarification on and received virtually none for multiple times isn’t too much to ask honestly. and even if it is, I want to know why at the very least.



I appreciate that discussion threads are very meaningful to many of you. However it is not a question of whether or not miscellaneous/general threads are needed on the forums as miscellaneous/general threads violate forum guidelines and are therefore, not allowed. And while I understand you may dislike or disagree with the guidelines in general, or this ruling in particular, they nevertheless must be followed and respected.

Also, a reminder that discussion threads are allowed as long as they respond to the stated topic of the thread. This is stated in the guidelines for General Chat:

For example, if you wish to post lyrics or songs you are more than welcome to do so in the Music & Lyrics Discussion Thread.

The guidelines don’t exist to stop discussion, but to keep discussion relevant, organized and purposeful.

And per the guidelines:

Feel free to reach out to myself or @Jeremy if you feel a thread has been closed with unjust cause, or if you have any questions concerning forum rules or guidelines.

Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile: