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I’ve seen a few of these requests in the writing partners section of the forums. Where one person scripts the story and creates the characters, and is looking for someone to actually code and direct it. While writing a story is HARD, directing can be very frustrating and take a very long time- especially if it is advanced. Obviously, not all coding/writing partnerships are exactly like this, but do you think it’s fair for one person to write the story and the other to code it all? Do you consider it lazy? Or completely fine as long as they want to do it? Do you think partnerships like this work, seeing as a person is coding a story that might not necessarily be theirs? (if they are just purely coding the story.)


I think it depends. Often people code stories that others have written because some people enjoy coding, but can find it difficult to create their own ideas or people want to help people who aren’t as advanced in coding create their stories. But if someone isn’t happy to be doing the coding for a story that they didn’t write and/or doesn’t receive credit for their work, then it is unfair on the coder. (Just my opinion)



I think even just writing collaborations in general need a strong connection (or at least understanding) between the authors to be successful. Otherwise, work gets lopsided or the difference between tastes becomes too much.

And everyone’s different, I know, but I feel like doing all the coding isn’t enjoyable? If really none of the writing or even planning is your ideas, I feel like it’s just labor for another person - even if that is something you chose. But maybe there are people out there who genuinely enjoy it.

In general, I’d like to see the community be better about understanding how to have a healthy relationship of give and take, even for friends. Generosity isn’t a bad thing, but some people in the community really do too much for their “friends” and pretty clearly get taken advantage of.


True. But what do you think about people wanting a coder to code their whole story? Since the app is so interactive and not just a writing app, do you think people should learn to code themselves?


I think they should but it can be useful for an advanced coder to do their first story so they have some code to look back on because it can be quite confusing learning it off just YouTube.


Alright, tbh, it all depends. Laziness can always occur when someone who’s coding. don’t feel like doing it or just stopped. Partnerships can work different, it doesn’t have to be the same. The person for the story can maybe deal with the scripting then the other can code it then take a break or the author of the story can start learning how to practice coding for themself when the other one is done with the coding. If the person of the story wants someone to code it, and they agree, and want to be credited so be it.

I’m still thinking of how to put my words, my vocabulary sucks and it really is giving me stress, lol. I agree with @writingspirit

That is an option, the coder has to decided whether to do it or not, or teach the author how to code the rest of the scenes so that can learn from Youtube by watching tutorials, etc. Ik i already said something like tht already XD


I agree. I do enjoy coding at some points, but when I’ve been spot placing for hours it can be frustrating. I couldn’t see myself doing it if it wasn’t my story. The biggest point I enjoy coding in is when I can see my characters come to life, and the scenes I’ve envisioned in my head.


not unless you TRY. It’s easy, it really isn’t that hard to do, and confusing or they can check out dara’s website.


agree, sometimes coding can be enjoyable but not all the time.

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Personally, I didn’t find learning off youtube hard, but it could be quite overwhelming for some people who want advanced coding.


I feel like… this is actually what some people at Episode are paid to do. So when I see topics where someone’s asking for someone else to code their story, I always think that if someone was that good of a coder (because as most of us know, it’s hella time consuming), they may as well get a job being a paid coder for the episode official stories, rather than doing it for a stranger online who probably won’t even end up finishing their story :no_mouth:


Right! Trust me I’m an advanced coder and i didn’t find anything difficult at all, but everyone has their different views. :100::raised_hands:


Same for me. The enjoyment of coding in my experience is always the satisfaction of seeing it come to life, not joy over the process itself.


now this!! :raised_hands::100::sunglasses::clap:


The cynical part of me agrees with this. There are other apps that are purely for writing, so Episode is different because of the coding. Directing is such a important part, I can understand that if a person is genuinely struggling with coding, but if someone just wants someone else to do it, I do think it’s a bit lazy.


I’ve said this on another topic before, but personally I think it’s lazy and unfair. As you said, coding is hard as hell and so is directing. I personally think that coding and directing should be equally split. I hope that make sense. I wouldn’t want to do all the coding and directing myself while someone is only dressing characters up and writing minimal dialogue.


I mean as long as they specify what they want in the thread and tell you exactly what they want, and the other person agrees then no.
Nobody is going to force someone to post “I’ll help”

No, some people might have a disability or simply no time or know how to code it.

Completely :ok_hand: ignore the thread if you don’t want to do it, or if something happens that prevents you from doing so simply apologize and say you can’t do it anymore.

Just stay committed and determined and you’ll be fine, I’d say that while I hate coding with passion they could love it. If they enjoy the coding and story it will work almost always.


I find it kinda lazy of a person to get someone else to code. I understand its hard but they had to learn it too. there is not an excuse to not learn it. when I started I did not have half the help people have now. (could not access the forum and no youtube tutorial was made at that time) and you know what some of my first stuff still look better than stuff I see published in for the last year. so the only excuse is they are to lazy to learn.

But I think it’s even worse when someone pretends they wanna write a story with someone when in reality they just want someone else to do all the work.like make the code make the story. just so they can put there name on a good story they barely work on.

I feel like if you dont wanna learn how to code then go write on wattpad or something.

of course, it’s their own choice to help. and I would never say anything bad about them who help. they are amazing people and really nice. there is also some people who are good at coding who can’t make up stories.

can I also just mention that most people dont even say what kind of story they wanna write. Like I would not wanna spend any time on a romance story because I dont like those. and I dont want my name on one. but that is usually what they wanna write.

I did make a forum about how to partner if anyone wanna read it