Discussion: Color Theory

I personally find color theory in media very interesting and I always try to keep an eye out for it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Color Theory is the use of specific colors as symbols to portray meanings in film and such. (I highly suggest everyone checks out this video by the amazing Jenny Nicholson: start at 21:11 or just watch the whole thing because JENNY)

I enjoy using color theory when designing outfits for my characters. I use my own color associations, such as blue=calm or red=passion, to help bring out the personalities of my characters. I’m honestly not sure if anyone besides myself would notice it because it’s a bit subtle, but I generally like seeing it for myself and making that connection in my brain.

So, out of curiousity, has anyone tried writing with color theory (or any kind of symbolism!) in their stories? As a reader, do you think you would notice symbolism or color theory on your own or would the author have to point it out to you? Let’s hear your thoughts!


Funnily enough in my story I have characters that dress in certain colours to set them apart from one another, I never really thought of the colour theory but I’m gonna look into it now to see if my colours match my characters personalities.


That’s really intersting! I always think it’s cool when writers put thought/meaning/purpose into the seemingly “trivial” things like clothes or house decor, etc.


The MC is the only one who’s colour I really thought about. He’s colour is red, he’s last name is Rose which is red and then the red is too symbolise love and blood Makes more sense in my story haha

That’s really cool and well thought out.

I use the color theory to create my characters.

My favorite color is black, so I tend to use black on my villains. They’re the characters I have fun with

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Yeah, I similarly have a character in my WIP that is sophisticated but secretly vindictive and jealous (like bad but in a not super-villain way) so I designed her character/outfit with a lot of dark grays and blacks.

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Gold works too, as well as purple. (If she’s powerful)

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