Discussion: Comic Art vs Live Action

Hey guys what do you think about the live action in the arts or covers of episode’s histories?

All the histories i’ve read use or the episode’s character of the own writer or hired people for illustrations. However i found a talented writer called ajm_episode, i love her histories, specially bisexual bachelorette, almost made me cry the end, but what catch my attention is she swifts between the cartoon art:

and live action:

PERSONALLY catch my eye the live action than the cartoon art but that is why i ask you guys, in your experience as readers, which style do you prefer, either for a cover or art scenes, cartoon? or live action?

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I prefer illustrated cover art. It leaves a little more to the imagination in terms of character appearance. As far as in-story art, I’m not particularly interested in art scenes, so I don’t really have a preference there.


I agree with Cee. I think more of a cartoon style suits Episode covers. I tend to avoid ones that look like images of real people. In my experience, those covers are always for stories that were made on mobile creator or, like, super old classic stories that never got finished :grimacing:


wow i thought that images of real people could feel the history more…real, not a fiction :thinking:

I think if they insist on creating realistic art of the characters, maybe present it outside of the story? Like on instagram and such. So readers aren’t forced to see it :grimacing:

I don’t mind it when the realistic art looks not like real people. I think if the author has got an artist to make it and stuff! However, I really don’t like it when an author puts a real person on their cover and most often the got the image from the internet. So for episode I would use a cartoon style just because it looks better. :heart:

As a reader, I’m usually drawn more towards illustrated cover art because it matches the style of the story I’m about to read. I feel like it’s better not to stretch the reader’s imagination to far, since your giving them an animated LI and then telling the reader this (the live action person) is what the cartoon is supposed to portray. However both are fine, and are not make or break factors to a story.

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I would absolutely not tap on a story that has a photo as a cover. It looks super shady to me. I also don’t think this is allowed as you can’t have art that is a likeness to a celebrity as they are “real people” so photos that are most likely of models should also not be allowed.