DISCUSSION: Comparing Stories To TV Shows

So, I’m looking on iG and I saw a post of an author talk about her story tht people thinks it’s a tv show copy or something but it isn’t. Why do you think others likes to compare stories to tv shows? Do you think it’s either the name? characters?, etc? The author said tht her story isn’t like the tv, because if it was, it would have been copyright, but it isn’t.


oh wow… now im paranoid :joy: because my stories title is the same as a movie, but has nothing in common with the movie…

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exactly. When u use a title that others think from a movie, they think that its the same as the movie, but it isn’t. It’s different.

does this mean people will think i copied beautiful creatures because of the title? :fearful:

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no, if u copied a tv show plot, characters, etc and it has everything the tv shows has meaning the script, the scenes, etc, then it is copyright.

ok… im still paranoid though :joy:


I think it’s more of the plot and the character’s behavior and dialogue. I have read many stories that share the same title as a movie or show that seems similar. It could be that the author got inspiration from the show (which I don’t think is wrong) but could be unaware of that.

If the story and the show is spot on the same, then that is copyright/fan fiction. But, having similarities isn’t copyright in any means.


boom. :100:

I once wrote a story only to find out that there was an identical tv-show on Netflix. Literally, even the names of the characters were the same. I had to scrap the whole thing as I was lucky enough to find out about it, but we can’t ever know for sure if an author copied, got inspired or just happened to be unlucky enough to have a similar story to something else.
There are too many books, tv shows and movies to know every single one of them, originality isn’t really a thing anymore, if you wrote a story it’s highly probable that someone else wrote an identical one before you.
With that being said, it’s always important to research and ask for opinions, it’s almost impossible to demonstrate on court that you didn’t know the existence of a story, so always make sure to check if it already exists.

I’m going through this right now as someone decided to make a sci-fi movie with my same title and concept. In my defense, I came up with the idea first :woman_shrugging:t2:



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There’s like 1000 different Gossip Girl ripoffs on episode lmao

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I’ve had several people tell me that my stories remind them of TV shows or movies (usually ones I’ve never heard of). It doesn’t bother me if someone says my story reminds them of something but it’s obviously different if someone accuses me of ripping something off.
For example, I have a story called Maternal Instincts. It was a contest winner over a year ago and Episode posted screenshots and even they pointed out a couple similarities to the movie Taken. But while there are similarities, the plots are completely different.

I got a lot of people telling me that one of my other stories was a rip off of a movie I had never seen lol.

I think people naturally tend to make comparisons between things they’ve read or seen before. I also think it’s pretty difficult to come up with something completely unique. But there are readers who’ll jump on something (e.g a vampire LI) and be like “OMG YOU COPIED TWILIGHT” even if the stories are nothing alike.


I actually saw that same Instagram post and share in the author’s frustration.
I think just about every story I’ve written, someone has asked if it was inspired by X movie or X show, and even have been downright accused of copying a book that I have never read.
It really is demotivating for writers, but in other ways, laughable, especially if I have never seen or read the book/tv show/ movie.
I have had The Wall compared to The Handmaid’s Tale which oddly enough, I am binge-watching right now for the first time because we just got Hulu as part of Disney Plus but have never seen it before now. I also constantly get asked if The Wall was inspired by… the wall in Game of Thrones, the current border situation with the US, but never the wall that it was actually inspired by (Berlin Wall).
My first story, Speak, apparently was copied off the published book by Laurie Halse Anderson which I have never read. I actually had a reader recently sent me a digital copy of the movie Speak which I watched, and happy I did because it made me laugh even more at those who threw those accusations at me. Obviously they have not read one of the two (either the published book or my story) or seen the movie because they are nothing alike.
There is a big difference between common recurring themes, inspiration, and copying.
I have, sadly, read a story that very much was a copy of a story my daughter had read. It was very excited about the story because it was so good, and was talking to my daughter about it, and she said it sounded just like one of her favorite books. I had her read the story, and with the exception of very minor changes, the stories were nearly identical. Like anyone should do when they come across a copyright violation, I reported the story to Tyler and it was removed from the app. Because that’s what happens when stories are copyright violations.
Nobody holds the copyright on having a demon fall in love with a human. Nobody owns the copyright on a barrier between two civilizations, nobody owns the copyright on a title, and nobody owns the copyright to basic common themes. If so, George Lucas could sue J. K. Rowling because Star Wars and Harry Potter have the same basic theme.



I know she’s ignoring message and feel really frustrated, I hope she’s okay though. It really stresses authors, tbh.

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That’s why I tend to be straight forward and up front with inspirations for my stories. I actually have one story that was inspired by a Wattpad story, and I have no problem sharing the story name or author because once you read the story, you see what inspiration is supposed to be. I read the story, was mind blown when all was revealed at the end, then went and reread the story to pick up on the clues that were there the WHOLE time. I wanted to write a story with that same theme, that the answer is right in front of you from the beginning, but you’re still mind blown at the end.
I just wish people understood how much words really do affect other people. Just simply asking if a story was inspired by X can make an author think that the person is accusing them of copying. They can minimize those affects by acknowledging them as complete separate story ideas.
If someone really does think a story is copied… report it.


Exactly, have to be careful of what others say to people.