DISCUSSION: Corona Virus / New Thread

GUYS!! ONLY TALK ABOUT THE CORONA VIRUS HERE!! My last thread got deleted, some people also got banned.

Hii, alright so maybe some of you are stressed or worried about the corona virus, which is totally normal. Please tell me about ur thoughts here or just state some facts about the virus or talk about anything connected to the virus.


There’s literally a shop here where I live where they sell face masks for 28 dollars :rofl: :sob:

Quoting from @Nick as all coronavirus topics will be closed until the team will make an official thread on it.

This thread will remain closed until a new official one is created by the team where the ONLY topic of discussion will be the Corona virus. :v:

My country is going into lockdown on Wednesday for 4 weeks. Gonna be interestinggggg

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I hope everyone is okay and safe! I can’t go back to school at all because of the coronavirus. All schools in our district is closed (Yay!)

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All schools should be closed by now, and at least everyone is home safe and could do something constructive, and or just relax for a whole week!!!

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wait really? does that mean you can’t go out of your house?

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Yeah pretty much.

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A new thread will be created asap. Sorry for the delay! :disappointed_relieved: