DISCUSSION: crossovers not allowed on episode?

So apparently we are not allowed to do crossovers on episode with other authors even if those authors gave us permission. meaning we really can’t work together anymore doesn’t this seem unfair? I mean this might have something to do with Artikel 13? but then again all stories that people on episode upload are from episode (if I got that right) so I really don’t understand how this is a problem right now…


I know that the author of The New Girl is doing a cross over with the author of The Shaw Brothers :woman_shrugging:t4: They’re still going


I just saw these messages today on insta so I assume that this is some kind of new rule or something?

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Idk tbh - I doubt they’ll even do anything to The New Girl and The Shaw Brothers since their stories are popular, and popular stories tend to get away with things. Not that what they’re doing is bad - I think that crossovers are perfectly fine if you have the permission to use someone else’s characters. Which is obviously the case of TNG and TSB since they’re using each others characters.


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The whole episode community is really going at episode :grimacing::grimacing: they even made a rule that you can’t have more that 5 punches in a episode, which I think is stupid and how you also can’t do cross overs its just stupid to me because both authors have permission from EACH OTHER to use their characters in their story, and they only decided to tell us NOW. Now authors are going to have to edit their whole story or even discontinue it. Lol I don’t even know if I want to become an episode author due to so much unnecessary rules it’s just pathetic. Wattpad and choices is looking real good right now :eyes:


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: next they’re gonna say we cannot do crossovers with characters from our own already published stories


Bruhh i was working on a crossover with an another author :sob::sob:

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How does Episode know you were given permission? It could purely be he said she said or easily forged. It’s possible they don’t have the people or the time to go around asking every author whether or not they have given permission. Then if an author wants to retract their permission?

On one hand, it would have been better if every single rule was stated clearly for everyone to understand.

However, a rule is a rule - end of. It is stated there. Whether or not we can find it, is down to us.

The app is PG13. Similar to how PG13 movies can’t show graphic violence (or mass violence), neither can we.

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If they’re doing this then they should be fair and apply this to the new girl and Shaw brothers.

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Whaat??? A friend and I were actually planning a crossover. They have my full permission to use my characters, just like I have theirs… this stinks. I guess we’ll have to cancel :sob::roll_eyes:

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I’m really fed up with Episode’s BS at this point.


I’m getting annoyed with episode rn I actually almost deleted the app :woozy_face: but I thought it would be a waste of $9.99 unlimited tickets so I have to finished my month first and then I’m done til this bull is over. :nerd_face:


I never heard of this rule but since I’m not on IG can someone tell me what Isabella Costa did exactly post about this? Did she really say I Despise You may get removed? Because in this case I just wanted to say: Episode, don’t touch that story!!! :scream: It’s perfection!
OK, thank you.


I honestly don’t understand these guidelines? Like stories that normalize rape, assault, and slavery are okay but this isn’t???


I’d actually never go on episode anymore if they removed I despise you

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The new girl and the shaw brothers are going to have to change almost their whole story because of this :grimacing:

Episode really out here ruining writing for authors, they’re just making the app worde and worse. And now you have to limit to 5 punches. Bullshit, honestly.

Wtf?! Since when was this a rule?! Next their probably going to say “You can’t have Formers in your story due to copyright” This sucks! I wanted to do a crossover in my story some time but now it’s now longer allowed!

Hi All!

I just made a post (Crossover Guidelines) on this topic clarifying our rules on this topic.

Hey Episode Creators!

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of talk about our guidelines surrounding crossovers, specifically featuring characters from Episode community stories.

While we know this is confusing, our guidelines specifically do not allow the use of other people’s copyrighted material in stories on the Episode platform. Episode authors are the copyright holders of their work and this means characters, plotlines, etc from one Episode story, cannot be used in another Episode.

Here is the relevant text from our content guidelines (found here):

“In addition, by publishing your story, you agree that it does not include any content that infringes the intellectual property rights or rights of publicity or privacy of any third party. This may include using any of the following without permission:

  • any works of authorship of other parties, including excerpts or passages taken from literary works, video games, television or film ;”

What if my friend gives me permission?
Even if your friend gives you permission, Episode has no way of tracking or enforcing this. Because of this, crossovers are not allowed on our platform. This is to ensure that your stories and characters don’t end up being misused!

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, and hope this cleared up why this rule is in place. If you have other or specific questions please reach out to Support Team for more help.

With love,
The Episode Team