DISCUSSION: Crying over "What's on Sunday?" 😭

Guys… I am heartbroken.

I’ve known this news for a year now, but my most favoritest author left the community. Her name is Nour and she wrote “What’s on Sunday?”

When I finally reinstalled the app, I noticed she revamped it into “Love in Retrospect” and was super excited to read it – but it’s locked. :sob:

For those who have read Nour’s work, you would understand why I am really upset about this. She was such a talented writer with such natural humor and raw emotions. I miss her story so much and it literally changed my life. There was some inspirational line in the first episode that I’ve held to this day – until I forgot it…

Anyways, It’s almost midnight where I live and it’s shark week so I’m getting emotional about a hecken Episode story that’ll never come back. Now I’m even more sad.

There is nobody in the community that has written in the same style as she has (and thank goodness because Nour is a GOAT and everyone has unique writing styles).

If anyone has Instagram and has her on IG (because I don’t) please message her to tell her she is missed in the community. This isn’t a ploy to get her back, I honestly 1000% respect her decision to leave, but I just don’t think she realizes the sort of impact she’s had on little people like me!

(If anyone has “What’s on Sunday?” or “Love in Retrospect” or JUST NOUR screenshots, please send them my way to fix my 12 year old nostalgia when I read this story. Please, and thank you.)


Awwwww it’ll be okay. You can read my story to take your mind off of it :wink:
No, just kidding, I would be heartbroken if Cindy Gaultier or Emma left, I just love them so much.