Discussion; Dark skin Characters portrayed


So many stories do not care for black people, When stories allow you to customise the person I usually make them dark skinned, (mocha, rosewood) When I finally get to see my family… I am just shook! It’s either

My parents and siblings are full on white
My parents and siblings have ashy (white) lips!
It so frustrating that if that happens I immediately click off.


This needs to be stopped! Comment your thoughts below


Usually if I HAVE a story that has customizable characters I code it so that if the character has dark skin, their family members to do.


My MC is lightskin/black and i no longer allow cc because someone sent me a ss of my story where the mc was pale and blonde and i literally cringed so much, so i took it out.


It’s soo annoying!! I understand that coding is difficult. But if your going to add CC make sure it’s a joyful experience for everybody.


I hate when the authors just put no POC characters in their story!


I also hate when the MC’s friends- (sometimes one’s the “sassy” black friend) and they are just there for the MC- there’s not even a mention of their family or their other friends! They’re just “friends” of the MC


I know! Most authors don’t care for poc characters :roll_eyes:


Yeah, it’s sad. They act like POC don’t even exist.


I agree with you. The parents or siblings have a different skin color, while the character that you customized is a different color.


Yeah, it’s often like that which is so irritating but there are good stories displaying POC out there, like From 1958 for example.


I’ve read that story too, and i like how you can choose if you want to be defined as black or white. I think every story should have that, episode really needs to show more diversity in there characters. As an African American myself, I too make my character some shade of brown cause I like to connect with the character I’m playing with. That’s why I sometimes wish we can customize our characters in every story cause if its not customizable it’s usually a main character that isn’t African american and that’s not fair. But that’s just my opinion


and all the love interests are pale as fuckkkk

sometimes i like white boys, but at least lemme have a choice


Boy needs some Blistex. Someone help him :sweat: :mask:


Yeah, I loved From 1958. It displays POC in a way that is realistic. It was reality.


I agree with you. I am an African American too, and I feel like we should be portrayed realistically instead stereo-typically. A lot of people are unaware of our culture. Yes, you’ll see how dark skinned people are displayed on movies and on tv shows, but that’s not reality. It’s make believe, and people don’t know that.


Mhmmm I know it’s hard at times because when I customise myself I’m black, but some stories still doesn’t understand it really.


I understand the frustration, although I do get the ashy white lips part. It can be really difficult to code in family customisations alongside the MC. I think Episode needs to give us a better way to sort out the coding to make it easier for people who aren’t so comfortable with that part of the creative process.


You’re right, though in Limelight you can make two characters of the same gender look the same with just a line. It’s not ideal, because in case you want to create family members of another gender it doesn’t work, and it’s in a style not many people seem to use… But at least there’s that? :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, it’s really good. When I saw it was CC, I thought that the author was just going to ignore the racism problems in the 50s, because she didn’t really know what race we customized our character as. But then she asked whether MC was black or white and that’s when I knew this was going to be a great story.


I read it and it’s honestly an amazing story. It’s one of my favorites. I just want it to be updated already :confounded: